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Video:Leslie Bibb Interview - Midnight Meat Train and Iron Man

with Rebecca Murray

Leslie Bibb practically stole Talladega Nights from her co-stars Will Ferrell and John C Reilly, but now she's taking on a couple of serious roles in two upcoming releases - Midnight Meat Train and Iron Man.See Transcript

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Transcript:Leslie Bibb Interview - Midnight Meat Train and Iron Man

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the 2007 San Diego Comic Con.

Leslie Bibb – 'Maya' in Midnight Meat Train

Leslie Bibb: "A movie called Midnight Meat Train, and it's Clive Burker, Barker, Burker, Clive Barker short. And my name is Maya – my character's name is Maya. Bradley Cooper's girlfriend, fiancé actually. We get engaged in the movie. I completely forgot about that part of it. I'm just trying to save my man because he starts to get obsessed with Vinnie Jones' character, which is Mahogany. You know what I like about her? Usually in these movies girls are like, 'Ohhh, save me! I'm a girl! Show me your boobs!' That sort of thing. And it's not like that."

You don't run around in a skimpy costume?

Leslie Bibb: "No, no. She's fully clothed. There's one scene where you see me in my bra, but it's like a very sad scene of like the demise of this relationship and you're like fighting for it. It's sort of the catalyst that drives her to go fight and kick some butt.. So no, she's not… I think that's because Ryuhei our director, Ryuhei Kitamura, he loves women and he photographs them beautifully, thank god. And he likes really strong women, so he really created a woman who's like, 'Don't f with me.'"

You never see those in horror movies.

Leslie Bibb: "You never see it. You always see the girl like, 'Don't open the closet door!' 'What's behind there?' All those dumb questions like that. But she's not like that. Maya's smart and sassy and she's tough. It's a hard road for her but definitely it's good."

Are you a horror movie fan?

Leslie Bibb: "No, I'm a scaredy cat. A total scaredy cat. I don't know how I'm going to make it through this movie. I'm going to tell you, it's called a Xanax. I think I'm going to have to take one. A Xanax and a stiff drink. When I was watching some of the trailers and some of the… We get together and have these Sunday night dinners, all the cast and Ryuhei and I was like, 'I'm screwed, Ryuhei. It's so scary,' because I couldn't even watch it when we were watching scenes cut together."

That's not good. You're never going to sit through it.

Leslie Bibb: "Never, never, never. I'll have nightmares for days."

What's next for you?

Leslie Bibb: "I'm also in a movie here called Iron Man so that movie's coming out next year. I just finished working on both of those. I was doing them simultaneously so that was really fun and exciting."

And so different.

Leslie Bibb: "I just saw Jon Favreau and he was like, 'Leslie, come look! I'll show you.' He showed me the trailer and it looked amazing. And just to work with Robert Downey Jr, all my stuff is with him – and Gwyneth as well, Gwyneth Paltrow. But most of my stuff is with Robert. My character is Christine Everheart and I become Tony's sort of moral conscious, in a way. And I also bed him, which is always fun. It's not a rough day at the office."

Because it's got Jon Favreau and all these big name actors, do you think it's going to be a cut above the usual comic book movie?

Leslie Bibb: "That's what I was just saying to somebody. You don't usually get an actor like Robert Downey Jr because I think he's just the finest. It doesn't get better, right? And so I just think that movie… I think Jon Favreau is such a wonderful director. I really felt his attention because he really just helped me. He really directs you and I love that collaboration. I think it's going to be pretty amazing. And it's the first movie from Marvel. Marvel is the studio behind it so it's going to be a ride and a half. I'm excited. It's sort of like I can't believe I get to be a part of it."

You don't think he's going to let the effects overpower the characters?

Leslie Bibb: "How could it? But the effects are going to be dope. Dope? Who says dope?"

You did.

Leslie Bibb: "I know, but it makes no sense. They're going to be really cool. Because I try to be cool and I'm not cool. I try to use a word like dope. I don't even think that word's in any more. Give me a crossword and I'll go home and sit by myself and do it. That's my reality."

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