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Video:Last House on the Left - Riki Lindhome Interview

with Rebecca Murray

Riki Lindhome plays a member of a very nasty, very vicious gang of thugs in 'The Last House on the Left,' based on the 1972 movie and starring Sara Paxton, Monica Potter, Tony Goldwyn and Garret Dillahunt.See Transcript

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Transcript:Last House on the Left - Riki Lindhome Interview

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the World Premiere of The Last House on the Left.

Riki Lindhome – 'Sadie' in The Last House on the Left

So you were a bad girl in this one. How much fun is it to play bad?

Riki Lindhome: "It is so much fun. It is so much more fun. It's great. It's so freeing and you just get to do things you would never do in real life. Things you might think about doing but would never, never do."

Did you push it further than they even had you push it? Did you come up with your own suggestions for some of these things that she does?

Riki Lindhome: "Oh, completely. The director was very open about that stuff. Everybody brought a lot to the table. They're like, 'This is what I think,' and we would discuss it. We had a week of rehearsal where we just played and tried everything. And, yeah, the director just let us all do everything. And then we got to see which things he chose in the edit, because they filmed so many different ways of things happening."

I heard you did a lot of bonding off the set and that there's also bloopers.

Riki Lindhome: "Really? What bloopers? How come I don't know about these bloopers?

That's what Sara [Paxton] was talking about.

Riki Lindhome: "Here's some bloopers: This one, Sara Paxton, they said, 'Can you swim?' And she's like, 'Absolutely. I can absolutely swim.' And then we got to South Africa and they were like, 'Someone needs a swim coach.' Because, like any good actor, in her audition she was like, 'Of course I can swim.'"

Her character's supposed to be a champion swimmer.

Riki Lindhome: "Yeah, exactly. And she was like, 'I played a mermaid, of course I can swim.'"

You guys bonded off the set. How tough was it to turn around and be mean to somebody?

Riki Lindhome: "It made it so much easier. It did, because there was a safety in that. So that when you would do something mean to the other person, they knew that you loved them and they trusted you. It was way less scary for everybody because they knew that you weren't going to be out of control and that everything was controlled and safe, and that at the end of the day we'd all have a glass of wine and go to bed."

Have you watched it yet?

Riki Lindhome: "Yes."

Did you get to listen to the audience reaction or did you sit by yourself and see it?

Riki Lindhome: "Well, there was only the cast and our agents, so it was a small audience. But there was a reaction. There was a lot of clapping and screaming at certain death scenes."

Is this the type of movie you'd normally go see if you go out?

Riki Lindhome: "Oh absolutely. If I saw this trailer, I would absolutely go see it. But it's also not a typical horror movie. It's more of a revenge fantasy. It's true because if something bad happened to your family, wouldn't you want to do something? And normally you just can't. Your hands are tied. If something bad happens to you, you have to move on and forgive. And in this movie you don't. In this movie you get to chop someone's head in with an ax, shoot someone in the eye."

Had you see the original?

Riki Lindhome: "Yes, I had. But I didn't see it until after I'd already auditioned so I didn't have that sort of framework. But then after I auditioned I saw it and I was like, 'Wow, this is crazy.'"

How was filming in South Africa?

Riki Lindhome: "It's beautiful. South Africa is like, obviously, a historically complex city but it's also just gorgeous. It's probably the most gorgeous place I've ever been. It's so beautiful. It's so just like unendingly beautiful, every turn. And we filmed a lot of wineries and things. We filmed in the woods – these scary woods – in the back of the most gorgeous winery. Things like that. It was like so luxurious in a way, but then the sets were really stark. But then the rest of it was really gorgeous."

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