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Video:Paul Interviews-Kristen Wiig, Greg Mottola, Jason Bateman

with Rebecca Murray

Kristen Wiig, Jason Bateman and the rest of the 'Paul' cast joined director Greg Mottola on the red carpet at the premiere of the sci-fi alien road-trip comedy held at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.See Transcript

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Transcript:Paul Interviews-Kristen Wiig, Greg Mottola, Jason Bateman

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the American Premiere of Universal Pictures' Paul.

Greg Mottola - Director of Paul

How difficult is it to work with writers that are your stars?

Greg Mottola: "Well, when you're a director and you're directing someone else's writing, you do a lot of lying to the writer and say that you'll stay true to what they've written. And it's much harder when they're actually there watching what you're doing. There are a lot of things that come up when you're making a film, like suddenly you lose half the day to bad weather and you're in a location you can't return to. We didn't make this film for a lot of money. This wasn't some unlimited Avatar budget. Why would it be because it's a ridiculous movie. But, you know, so we had limitations. There were days when I'd have to turn to Simon [Pegg] and Nick [Frost] and say, 'We have to change the scene. We don't have time to shoot it.' They flip side, the good side, is that they were right there to do it. And if they didn't do the writing, then I could lock them in some kind of small box and keep them in the desert because we're out in the hot... No, these guys are real specific writers. They have a real esthetic to what they do. It didn't need to be fixed all that much."

You had to play with the script because there were bad weather conditions and a bird actually did hit the car, and you added that in?

Greg Mottola: "That happened during their research trip. They killed a bird - I did not kill a bird. I do not want the bird lovers looking at me. Send the letters to England! No, they accidentally did kill a bird while they were researching it. They were driving around the country in an RV. But, you know, any movie you have to kind of make it up as you go along."

Kristen Wiig - 'Ruth' in Paul

This is a really interesting character and you have some weird things going on with your eye at the beginning. How difficult was it to play that?

Kristen Wiig: "Physically, it was hard to have one of my eyes covered up because whenever I took off the glasses, it took me a second to focus again. But it was obviously something I've never had to play before. I don't get offered a lot of one-eyed lady parts but..."

In an alien movie.

Kristen Wiig: "Exactly, in an alien movie with this amazing cast. I'm so happy to be here."

Jason Bateman - 'Agent Lorenzo Zoil' in Paul

What was the appeal of the character?

Jason Bateman: "I loved playing the bad guy because I got to kind of be humorless and expressionless, and didn't have to do much at all. I'm a lazy actor and it was nice to just stand there and look like I was sleeping."

Any memorable moments on set with the cast?

Jason Bateman: "Just trying to keep that straight, humorless face while Joe Lo Truglio and Bill Hader were saying funny things."

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