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Video:Kiowa Gordon The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Interview

with Rebecca Murray

Kiowa Gordon plays Embry Call, a member of the Wolf Pack, in 'New Moon,' 'Eclipse,' and the yet to be filmed 'Breaking Dawn' movies of the 'Twilight' series. On the red carpet at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, Gordon talked about his wolf and 'Eclipse.'See Transcript

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Transcript:Kiowa Gordon The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Interview

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards:

Kiowa Gordon - 'Embry Call' in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Tell me about working on the third movie.

Tell me about working on the third film of the series.

Kiowa Gordon: "The third film is great."

Why is it great?

Kiowa Gordon: "It's one of my favorite ones so far. It's darker and it has more wolves tearing into vampires' flesh, which I love. We get to save the world, one vampire at a time."

And you had a new director on that one, David Slade. How did he compare to Christopher Weitz?

Kiowa Gordon: "They're just so different at what they do, but they have equal greatness. David just had a little darker edge to it."

Did he help you because he went darker with it, did that help you get into character?

Kiowa Gordon: "I had my character pinpointed down from New Moon so it's not going to change. It's still going to be just like how I want it, and how dark I want it."

The fourth movie should have more of your action, right?

Kiowa Gordon: "Definitely."

Are you ready for that?

Kiowa Gordon: "I'm so ready. I can't wait."

And a new director again.

Kiowa Gordon: "Yes!"

Have you met him yet? Have you talked to him?

Kiowa Gordon: "I haven't met him yet. I can't wait."

When are you going to meet him?

Kiowa Gordon: "I'm not sure. Soon."

Obviously you stand on the werewolf side in the werewolf vs vampire issue.

Kiowa Gordon: "Definitely."

Why are werewolves better?

Kiowa Gordon: "They're stronger, faster, tall, dark, handsome... They can read only brothers' minds - they can't pry into other people's business. And we're not pale. We're not skinny. We don't drink blood. We don't sparkle."

What is it with sparkling vampires?

Kiowa Gordon: "Well, I'm meant to not sparkle."

So you're so used to seeing your wolf on the screen. Does it still kind of freak you out when you see you up there?

Kiowa Gordon: "It's pretty cool. It's like, 'Whoa, why is this happening?!'"

Do you think your wolf is the best looking one?

Kiowa Gordon: "I think all of our wolves look great. I love wolves."

Do you think it captures your essence?

Kiowa Gordon: "I think they did."

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