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Video:Karl Urban Red Interview

with Rebecca Murray

Karl Urban chases after Bruce Willis throughout 'Red,' an action comedy/drama based on a comic book series. But at the 2010 Comic Con, Urban said despite wanting to kill Willis, his character's not really a bad guy.See Transcript

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Transcript:Karl Urban Red Interview

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con.

Karl Urban - Red

I hear that you're the bad guy and you go around trying to kill Bruce Willis.

Karl Urban: "That's not entirely accurate to say I'm the bad guy. Yes, it is my job to try and kill Bruce Willis but he's got it coming."

So you're really a good guy?

Karl Urban: "You have to go and see the movie and find out."

This is based on a comic book. Were you familiar with it?

Karl Urban: "Yeah, I read the graphic novel before we shot it. You know, the great graphic novel by Warren Ellis was really kind of like the first act of the film. It was the platform from which we developed those characters and that world."

I hear this one's a little lighter in tone than the graphic novel.

Karl Urban: "Oh definitely, yeah. It's a heavy emphasis on comedy in this film and we've just got such a phenomenal cast. John Malkovich, Mary-Louise Parker, and Bruce and Morgan Freeman, Ernest Borgnine, it was super fun film to work on."

Aside from going around trying to kill Bruce, what is your character doing? Who are you?

Karl Urban: "Well I play a CIA officer whose name is William Cooper."

You are a good guy - kind of.

Karl Urban: "I said CIA and you're automatically went, 'You're a good guy.' Yeah, so my job is to hunt down this character called Frank Moses who's been classified RED - Retired Extremely Dangerous."

Do we see you throughout chasing him?

Karl Urban: "All of that. There's action, there's fights, there's gun plays, explosions. There's comedy, comedy, comedy - it's a lot of fun."

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