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Video:Jon Favreau Interview on Iron Man 2

with Rebecca Murray

Jon Favreau directed one of the summer of 2008's biggest hits, 'Iron Man,' and he's ready to step back behind the camera for more 'Iron Man' adventures with Robert Downey Jr. The only hold up: he hasn't been hired for the job.See Transcript

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Transcript:Jon Favreau Interview on Iron Man 2

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the World Premiere of The Incredible Hulk.

Iron Man Director Jon Favreau

Iron Man opened so huge, but it was not just fans of Iron Man that turned out. Was that what you were expecting?

Jon Favreau: "Yeah, I mean, what was nice about Iron Man I think because of the humor, because of the cast that we had, it opened itself up to an audience beyond just the core comic book audience. I think that's important when you're making movies that are supposed to be big summer movies. You have to include everybody. And so we started off with our core fans and then it sort of spread as word of mouth spread that the movie was actually good. And even if you didn't know who Iron Man was, you might have a fun time."

And Comic Cons and things like that really helped this movie, didn't they?

Jon Favreau: "Comic Con helped put us on the map because Iron Man wasn't really a mainstream Marvel hero. But the fans of Comic Con knew who he was and by the word of mouth spreading on the internet, and the trailer going on the internet, it eventually spread and then the general public became curious about the guy."

This one's so successful. Is it going to be tough to top it with the next one? You set the bar so high.

Jon Favreau: "Well hopefully I'll get to work on the next one. If I do, I think those are good problems…"

What do you mean 'hopefully' you'll get to?

Jon Favreau: "I'm not really involved with it yet officially. Hopefully we'll all work it out. We'll see where their priorities are."

You know the direction it wants to go, right?

Jon Favreau: "Oh yeah. I mean, creatively we definitely have been excited talking about it. Even when we were making this first one, we're talking about what would we do in Iron Man 2 and in The Avengers. And I know Robert (Downey Jr) and I did a lot of discussing of different plotlines when we were traveling promoting the film. So hopefully everything will get worked out and we'll get to work soon."

What would stop you from being the director?

Jon Favreau: "Them not hiring me."

Oh come on – there's no way.

Jon Favreau: "I don't know. I don't know where their head's at. We'll see. It's been a month now so I was hoping I would have been working on it already. But you know it's a small company, it's a new company. They have to choose the way they want to go about their business. And hopefully now that The Hulk is coming out, I'm sure it's going to do very well and then their next priority is going to be Iron Man 2 at that point."

Is there a director's cut for Iron Man or was this your director's cut? Will we see anything different on the DVD?

Jon Favreau: "There will be additional stuff on the DVD that we couldn't put in, but it's not stuff that I would have put into my cut. The movie plays as it is and you have to make choices to… I think the movie wanted to be about two hours so I chose not to really make a longer film. I didn't think the content really warranted it. But there are cool things that would not fit in the film that might be fun for the fans to see, so we're including that on the DVD."

And you get to act next in Four Christmases with Vince Vaughn.

Jon Favreau: "That's right, I'm in Four Christmases."

Is that relaxing?

Jon Favreau: "Yeah, yeah, it is nice. Four Christmases and I Love You, Man I also just acted in. So hopefully we'll start working on this next film and I'll be back to directing, back to my day job."

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