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Video:Jon Favreau Interview - Four Christmases and Iron Man 2

with Rebecca Murray

'Iron Man' director Jon Favreau steps back in front of the camera to play one of his buddy Vince Vaughn's wild brothers in 'Four Christmases.' Although he's hard at work on 'Iron Man 2', Favreau wasn't too busy to talk about this acting gig.See Transcript

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Transcript:Jon Favreau Interview - Four Christmases and Iron Man 2

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the World Premiere of Four Christmases.

Jon Favreau – 'Denver' in Four Christmases

So did you come up with the look for this character?

Jon Favreau: "The look? He said it was a guy who wants to be an Ultimate Fighter so I kind of took the haircut, you know I got sort of a modified Mohawk. I figured he'd have a really intense spray tan so I subjected myself to that. And I got the tattoos all glued on me. It's not a big part but I wanted to have a good time with Vinnie and really get some good moments in."

It might not be big, but it's important. Did you guys improv a lot?

Jon Favreau: "Well, actually on this one we didn't improv too much. There's a few little things here and there I would do, mostly to make Vince laugh. I knew if I could get Vince to laugh, the scene would be fun."

How much fun was it taking him down?

Jon Favreau: "It's tough because Vince is a tough guy. I couldn't take him down in real life, but he's a very good actor. He made it look like I was kicking his butt so my hat's off to him."

What's your favorite Christmas film?

Jon Favreau: "I can't say Elf, right? Because that would be… "

You can say Elf.

Jon Favreau: "I can't say it. I think It's a Wonderful Life is a big one. Home Alone, another great one. I especially like the stuff I grew up watching like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, all the Rankin/Bass stuff. But Christmas movies have a certain…it's a genre that people expect a certain feeling from. And the movies that make me feel that way are the ones I like the most."

What about A Christmas Story?

Jon Favreau: "Oh well, Peter Billingsley, A Christmas Story - you can't go wrong with that one. That's one of the classics. I was lucky to have Peter cameo in Elf for me. We got some of his Christmas Story luck."

What's happening with Iron Man 2? Where are you guys right now?

Jon Favreau: "I'm working really hard right now. I came from the office, showered up, came down here…working on storyboards, working with the writer Justin Theroux. Our lead, Robert Downey Jr, is off playing Sherlock Holmes and hopefully when he gets back, we'll dive into it together. But there's a lot of prep work that I have to do for a movie of that size. So I'm really excited about it. We're having a lot of great fun ideas, and I really can't wait to get going on it."

Is the studio giving you a lot of leniency after what you did with Iron Man?

Jon Favreau: "Yeah. The good news about Marvel is that they're…it's a very small studio and it really operates like an independent house so there's a tremendous amount of creative freedom. And Paramount's been really great in releasing the film and supporting the first one. And I've never been in this situation before where a film is so anticipated, and I get to work with the same group of people again which really makes it easy for me."

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