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Video:Cowboys and Aliens Director Jon Favreau Interview

with Rebecca Murray

Director Jon Favreau talks about his latest action adventure film 'Cowboys & Aliens,' starring Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde, at the 2011 WonderCon.See Transcript

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Transcript:Cowboys and Aliens Director Jon Favreau Interview

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies on Universal Pictures' 2011 WonderCon 'Cowboys & Aliens' Press Line.

Director Jon Favreau - Cowboys & Aliens

Is it still exciting to come to these events after all these years?

Jon Favreau: "Well, for this one it is. I was here in 2008 for Iron Man, and nobody knew what to expect of Iron Man. We were an underdog in the summer where we were the only non-sequel or non-reboot that year. And very similarly this year, we are the only non-sequel, non-superhero movie. So, we have a lot to prove and the best way to do it is to show it to the fans, show them what the tone is, how we treat it, who the movie stars are playing. And this is a group of people that actually has a long attention span. We were there for half an hour, we showed nine minutes of footage. In this day of social networking, if you can get the message out - a clear message out to a small group of people, it radiates out from there."

People knew of Iron Man but a lot of people have never heard of Cowboys & Aliens.

Jon Favreau: "No. But I think what helps is we have such big movie stars in our movie, and they bring a body of work from the 007 and the Indiana Jones and the Han Solo, people understand who they're dealing with, and the concept is pretty accessible. People know at least what they expect it might be and so we can play with those expectations."

How do you play with those expectations? What are you giving us that we're not expecting?

Jon Favreau: "Well, I think you've got to treat it like a mash-up and not like a pastiche. You have to really treat both genres seriously and let the fun come from the combination of things, not in smirking or winking through the Western or the alien movie. It has to feel dangerous, it has to feel bad-ass, it has to feel exciting. And showing these characters dealing in a real way with very extraordinary circumstances I think is the key."

How important was it to get Daniel Craig to head it up?

Jon Favreau: "You want a guy who feels a little bit distant like a gunfighter, a little opaque like you don't really know everything he's thinking but you want to know the wheels are turning. And, also, him as an action star - he's really proven through the 007 series and through Layer Cake that he's a very believable [actor]. You can really push him a long way and the audience will accept him doing extraordinary things on screen, and that's always fun."

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