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Video:Hall Pass-Jenna Fischer and Alexandra Daddario Interviews

with Rebecca Murray

Jenna Fischer stars as Owen Wilson's wife - the woman who gives him a free pass allowing him to take a guilt-free week off from marriage - in the Farrelly Brothers comedy, 'Hall Pass.' Alexandra Daddario co-stars as the couple's babysitter.See Transcript

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Transcript:Hall Pass-Jenna Fischer and Alexandra Daddario Interviews

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the World Premiere of New Line Cinema's Hall Pass.

Jenna Fischer - 'Maggie' in Hall Pass

Tell me why this movie isn't just for men but also for women?

Jenna Fischer: "Oh my gosh, well, the women get a hall pass too. That's the part that you're not seeing in the previews, and ultimately the women prevail so I think there's a lot for women in this film. Also, there's boy parts. There's some male frontal nudity - some that you want to see and maybe some that you don't. You decide."

At the press conference the Farrellys said this is a chick flick. How is this a chick flick?

Jenna Fischer: "The Farrellys keep saying they've made their first chick flick. I get it though because it's actually very romantic. And in the end it really is...you know it seems like it's kind of a movie about boys gone wild but really ultimately it's about men, and they're more committed to their marriages and monogamy than they were before. So I think in that way the message is very appealing to women."

Is it fun working with these guys? Does it drive you crazy because there are two directors? How does that work on set?

Jenna Fischer: "No, no, not at all. They're amazing to work with. They're like big kids and their set is just like a big playground."

How was it having Owen Wilson play your husband?

Jenna Fischer: "It's weird. You know, my husband is a blonde man from Texas and Owen is a blonde man from Texas, so that was an easy transition."

What was the mood of the set?

Jenna Fischer: "We did a lot of laughing on the set, on camera and off. We were all stuck in Atlanta together and we had the best time there. There was this great bar called Johnny's Hideaway were we shot part of the movie, and we would go there and hang out as a group. It was like summer camp. We laughed a lot on this movie."

Alexandra Daddario - 'Paige' in Hall Pass

Alexandra Daddario: "I love this business because you never know what's going to happen. I sort of got the call and I was on a plane the next day, and I got to do this - you know, work with these incredible people and do this incredible movie. And it was a lot of fun. I got to work with the Farrellys who I've admired my whole career so I'm very lucky."

Do you have a favorite film of theirs?

Alexandra Daddario: "Kingpin and There's Something About Mary. I mean, they're just amazing."

So you knew going in that this was going to be R-rated. Were you ready for the kind of stuff that's in the film?

Alexandra Daddario: "Yes, I didn't have to do anything too... I don't think I was the cause of any of those R-ratings so I got off easy in that account. But it's hysterically funny and outrageous, and I'm really lucky to be a part of the movie."

Tell me about their directing style. Are they a tag-team working together or do they do it all separately?

Alexandra Daddario: "Peter, from what I saw - I wasn't there for the entire shoot - but is very much more the actors' director but they do work together."

What are you going to work on next?

Alexandra Daddario: "Sort of the unknown. I'm living in LA; I moved from New York and it's sort of exciting for me to be auditioning and living in LA. It's what I've always wanted to do."

Have they said anything about another Percy Jackson film?

Alexandra Daddario: "We're not sure yet. But, you never know. We'll see."

Would you be up for that?

Alexandra Daddario: "Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. It was an incredible, incredible film to make so I'd love to go back and do that character again."

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