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Video:James Wan and Leigh Whannell Saw and Insidious Interview

with Rebecca Murray

James Wan and Leigh Whannell created the 'Saw' franchise which will be put to rest with 2010's 'Saw 3D.' At the 2010 SCREAM Awards, Wan and Whannell talked about the origins of the franchise and their next big film: 'Insidious.'See Transcript

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Transcript:James Wan and Leigh Whannell Saw and Insidious Interview

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the 2010 Spike TV's SCREAM Awards.

James Wan and Leigh Whannell - Saw Franchise and Insidious

You guys created it all. Are you sad for it to come to an end or are you okay with the fact it's over?

James Wan: "We think it's great. We think finally we can put an end to this chapter."

Leigh Whannell: "Yeah."

James Wan: "You know, every decade has a horror film that defines that decade, and we're very proud that Saw - the thing that Leigh and I created on our own, this small little film - has grown into the biggest horror franchise. And it's great to put a stop to it now, you know? We're happy for that, but that's not to say a few years from now... You know, everyone's rebooting everything these days, but for now I think it's time we can chill for a little bit."

Leigh Whannell: "I mean everyone always asks James and I if we're happy that this film that we created years and years ago in Melbourne has blown up into all these sequels. And we always say that it's a total surprise and a bonus for us. We would never be ashamed of sequels. We love the fact that this idea we came up with resonated with so many people and they loved the character of Jigsaw. I mean, like it or not Jigsaw is this generation's Freddy. And that's amazing because we came up with this character. He comes from very humble origins. It's the suburbans of Melbourne, Australia where James and I came up with the idea."

With no budget.

Leigh Whannell: "Such a low budget."

James Wan: "You know the puppet that's in the movie that's so iconic now from the Saw films? I made that in my living room back in Australia. I made it with my hands with clay and when we were shooting the actual first film, the puppet was falling apart and I was trying to shoot around it before he fell apart. When I would call 'cut' the whole thing would just crumble."

Leigh Whannell: "I remember the first time James called me to his house to look at this puppet that he'd made. He had like a sheet over it and he's like, 'Are you ready?' And I was waiting for just the scariest thing of all time, and he whips the sheet off and the bright lights are on and there's this thing made out of like ping pong balls and it's got this wig on. I started cracking up and I'm like, 'That's the puppet.' And he said to me, and he was right - I admit it - he said, 'Trust me, in the right light this is scary. This is creepy.' And it's a testament to James that that doll is now the face of the series, really."

This one is in 3D and it's going to wrap it up. Does it answer every question?

Leigh Whannell: "It does. I think it answers every question. It's interesting. We both see the film as two trilogies. You've got the first trilogy - one, two and three. And then there's the second series of films after Jigsaw died and that was when two new writers came in, Marcus [Dunstan] and Patrick [Melton], and they really created their own story. And so I think that this latest film, the 3D film, really answers everything that needs to be answered from all six previous films, and it's great. I think the fans who stuck with the film for every one are going to be satisfied. They won't be walking out of this going, 'Ripped off!' And it doesn't really leave the door open for more because this is it."

But you guys have moved on to so many other projects.

James Wan: "Leigh and I have just completed our latest scary movie called Insidious."

Leigh Whannell: "It just screened at the Toronto Film Festival."

James Wan: "And it played through the roof. And I just got back from Sitges [International Fantastic Film Festival] where it was really extremely well received as well. And we're super excited because we think that could be our next movie that we're going to get out there with."

Leigh Whannell: "Sony actually bought the film the night that it screened at Toronto."

James Wan: "Which was unprecedented."

Leigh Whannell: "Yeah. It was the only film at the film festival to sell that night. What we're trying to do with this one, James and I, is go back to scaring people."

James Wan: "Yes. We wanted to prove that we can make a scary movie without blood and guts. And Insidious is a classic, old-fashioned, scary, haunted house ghost movie."

Leigh Whannell: "We're not trying to make people puke. We're not trying to make people turn away from the screen because there's gizzards and guts. We literally want to have people so scared that they want to leave the theater out of pure fear."

James Wan: "I've seen audiences watch Insidious like this [hands over their eyes] and like this [hands over their ears]."

Is it R rated?

Leigh Whannell: "It doesn't have a rating yet. You've got to remember we're in the early stages because Sony just bought it. But you will definitely be seeing this film sometime next year, and we can't wait to talk to you about it because we're so excited."

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