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Video:Jaden Smith Interview-The Karate Kid and His ShoWest Award

with Rebecca Murray

2010's a big year for Jaden Smith. Not only is he the star of a major film - Columbia Pictures' 'The Karate Kid' - he was also named ShoWest's 2010 Breakthrough Male Star of the Year at the annual gathering of theater owners.See Transcript

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Transcript:Jaden Smith Interview-The Karate Kid and His ShoWest Award

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at 2010 ShoWest.

Jaden Smith - 'Dre' in The Karate Kid and Breakthrough Male Star of the Year Award Winner

Congratulations on your award.

Jaden Smith: "Thank you, thank you. I'm very excited – very excited."

And starring in a huge movie that's a remake of something that everybody loves. Is that a little extra weight on your shoulder?

Jaden Smith: "It definitely is. I was extremely terrified when I heard that I had to do this. But I think it's turning out very, very well."

How long were you terrified before you got over it?

Jaden Smith: "Two months."

How did you get through it?

Jaden Smith: "I just fought past it, just kept going."

A lot of people love this, and they love the kid that starred in it. Why are we going to love you starring in it?

Jaden Smith: "Because I'm an extremely good at acting. I learned kung fu for a very long time, and I think that I was at my prime when I did this movie. And I think the story is very [good]. And Jackie [Chan's] in it with me, and that just makes it a whole much more better."

What did Jackie teach you specifically for the film that really helped you out?

Jaden Smith: "He taught me many things. That you have to stay focused, and you have to move fast. Like, you have to hit the person and if they don't block it, that's their fault."

Were there accidents on the set?

Jaden Smith: "Not many at all."

None for you?

Jaden Smith: "None for me or anybody that I was fighting."

Did I hear that you actually didn't have any stunt doubles in this? You did everything yourself?

Jaden Smith: "I did everything that I could do. Because I would have a time limit on the set so if we needed to do something, then they would just have the stunt double do it because I had to go."

The really famous line is "Wax on, wax off." Do you guys have anything similar to that?

Jaden Smith: "Similar."

Similar, but not the same?

Jaden Smith: "Similar, similar."

Why are kids going to love this movie? What's going to bring them to the theaters?

Jaden Smith: "I think the action and the comedy is going to really bring them to the theaters."

There's comedy? We don't really see that too much in the trailers. What kind of comedy?

Jaden Smith: "It's just flat pan comedy. It's very… I was cracking up when I saw it."

Did you crack up on the set?

Jaden Smith: "Sometimes. Jackie's really funny."

When did he really make you laugh?

Jaden Smith: "All the time. They had a big mat that was raised and he would just tell jokes to everybody there. And we actually were watching fights that we were supposed to be doing there. That's where we would watch them and that's where we came up with the ideas to do the fights. Like what kind of fight would we be doing and how would we do it. That's where we came up with the ideas."

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