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Video:Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith The Karate Kid Interviews

with Rebecca Murray

Jackie Chan plays mentor to Jaden Smith in the new 2010 edition of 'The Karate Kid.' On the red carpet at the premiere of the Columbia Pictures film, the twosome had nothing but praise for each other and promised 'Karate Kid 2' is on the way.See Transcript

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Transcript:Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith The Karate Kid Interviews

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the LA premiere of Columbia Pictures' The Karate Kid.

Jackie Chan - 'Mr. Han' in The Karate Kid

This was filmed in China, so how important was that for you to have it filmed there?

Jackie Chan: "I think all those years...so this why I'm helping a lot of American productions [there], doing Mulan, Kung Fu Panda, right now Karate Kid, Forbidden Kingdom, you know, this kind of movie because it's special. In this day we need movies to promote our Chinese culture - no matter costumes, food, everything. I believe especially Karate Kid will show Beijing and show our culture to the world."

How was Jaden?

Jackie Chan: "He's great. He's the greatest kid I've ever seen so that's why after the movie I called Smith. I said, 'Hey, can I adopt your son?' And he said, 'Okay, yes, go ahead.' I just love this young kid. He was so humble, so disciplined."

How important was it for you to be in a Karate Kid movie?

Jackie Chan: "For me, it's another movie. I'm not thinking about a remake, just a totally new movie. I'm not Miyagi, I'm just Jackie Chan."

Jaden Smith - 'Dre' in The Karate Kid

How was it working with Jackie Chan?

Jaden Smith: "Oh, he's amazing. He's just a great guy to work with."

How much did he actually teach you?

Jaden Smith: "He actually sent somebody to come train me. But he teaches everybody so many things."

And how easy was it for you to pick up on?

Jaden Smith: "Very easy. Very easy."

Are you still doing it right now?

Jaden Smith: "Yes. I've almost been doing it for a year."

What's the best thing about learning karate or kung fu?

Jaden Smith: "Well, you learn so many things - respect and discipline."

What are you going to take with you from this experience?

Jaden Smith: "I just got so many things. I mean, working with Jackie was amazing, training, China was great, the people were great there. Everything was great."

How much input did your dad have in this?

Jaden Smith: "Amazing amounts, like he just helped. He put entire scenes in the movie to just make it have that extra click in it."

How was training in China?

Jaden Smith: "It was great. It was very interesting - a lot of people there."

Do you think we're going to have a number 2?

Jaden Smith: "Definitely."

Jackie Chan: "Definitely? Okay."

In the movie there's a jacket on/jacket off rather than wax on/wax off. Talk about that.

Jaden Smith: "Well, it's just jacket on/jacket off and it's a series of blocks and attack. And I think that it was a good idea and I don't think we could have had anything better."

What do you think about that, Jackie?

Jackie Chan: "I just wanted to use everything around me, use the chair, use the light pole, use everything as training things so it's not necessary to go into a club."

And how did Jaden do?

Jackie Chan: "Two thumbs up."

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