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Video:Immortals - Tarsem Singh, Isabel Lucas Interviews

with Rebecca Murray

Director Tarsem Singh joined his 'Immortals' cast, including Isabel Lucas who plays Athena, at the 2011 WonderCon to talk about the action adventure film set for release on November 11th.See Transcript

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Transcript:Immortals - Tarsem Singh, Isabel Lucas Interviews

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies on Relativity Media's 2011 WonderCon 'Immortals' Press Line.

Isabel Lucas - 'Athena' in Immortals

Tell me about getting into this film and working with all these guys.

Isabel Lucas: "Right. I grew up and my mom was reading to my sister and I about Greek mythology when we were really young. It was very interesting to go back and revisit that material, and learning about the different archetypes, Athena especially - which is the character I play."

Did Greek mythology keep your interest over the years?

Isabel Lucas: "Definitely. It's interesting. It's the beginning of film, that's where film was born from. It's storytelling at its best - mythology. A lot of books that I read, and one of my favorite books is Women Who Run with the Wolves, which is all different myths and mythology. So, yeah, it's an interesting topic for me, exploring and revisiting the topic. I really enjoyed it."

Are we going to get to see you do lots of different action scenes in this?

Isabel Lucas: "There's a couple. There's one at the end of the film. Athena has a fight sequence and it's fighting with sickles, sharp knives. There was a lot of stunt training for that, martial arts training."

What do you think audiences are going to get out of this film?

Isabel Lucas: "I think it'll be amazing because it bleeds across many genres. There's war and drama and romance, and it's mythology set in ancient Greece. Tarsem's a visual genius so I think it will be amazing visually as well."

Immortals Director Tarsem Singh

Tell me about setting the tone for this one because I understand it's different from what we'd expect.

Tarsem Singh: "Right. It's a little bit, let's say, a little bit more romantic than it needs to be. It's a little bit more violent than it needs to be. It's just whatever you have polarizing issues, put it a little bit higher than you would expect."

And was that an easy sell to the studio?

Tarsem Singh: "No."

So how did you convince them that that's the way to go?

Tarsem Singh: "That's pretty much the way to go because I think everything else was done before me. So I just thought [I'd] take the edges a little more up."

Tell me about casting Henry Cavill in this. He looks perfect.

Tarsem Singh: "Yes."

How did you know that he was going to be the right guy?

Tarsem Singh: "In the words of Miss Piggy, some piggies have it and some don't. When I saw him I just said, 'That's him.' We didn't have a script and I just said, 'Write it around him.'"

When you have someone like a Mickey Rourke, do you worry about controlling him or do you just let him do what he does?

Tarsem Singh: "You don't control Mickey Rourke. You just come to terms with him. He's brilliant, I would do it again in a second. But you don't try and control somebody like him."

What can audiences expect from this film?

Tarsem Singh: "It's a ride."

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