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Video:The Hangover - Heather Graham and Rachael Harris Interviews

with Rebecca Murray

Heather Graham and Rachael Harris compete for the affection of the same man - Ed Helms - in Warner Bros Pictures' 'The Hangover.' At the film's premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theater, Graham and Harris talked about working on the R-rated comedy.See Transcript

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Transcript:The Hangover - Heather Graham and Rachael Harris Interviews

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the LA Premiere of The Hangover.

Heather Graham - 'Jade' in The Hangover

You look gorgeous. It's a lot different outfit than what you wear in the movie. So what was it like being the only female around all these crazy men?

Heather Graham: "It was kind of great because I felt like I got male attention, which was fun. And then there were some days where I'm like, 'I have to go home and call my girlfriends and talk on the phone with my girlfriends and get some girlie time.'"

Did you hang out with them off the set?

Heather Graham: "I did. We would like have dinner. Yeah, a lot of times we went out to dinner because we all stayed at Caesar's Palace. And then we went to see Cirque du Soleil. I took actually Bradley [Cooper] and Todd [Phillips] to see a Cirque du Soleil show and they pulled Bradley on stage and took his shirt off and started rubbing him all over."

How did he react?

Heather Graham: "He was kind of freaked out, but then I think he was cool with it."

Have you had any experiences like this whatsoever?

Heather Graham: "Well, one of my best friends had a crazy party on Fire Island. And everyone got really wasted and they were throwing up in the sink. And she was wearing this candy necklace and everyone was like eating the candy off of her."

That's a little gross.

Heather Graham: "Yeah, it was crazy."

Rachael Harris - 'Melissa' in The Hangover

Now the character you play is not the nicest woman in this.

Rachael Harris - "No, she's not."

How easy was it to tap into that?

Rachael Harris: "It was really easy. It's a great script and then Todd's a great director. Everybody was really, really, really supportive and so it was easy. The guys were just egging me on. They're like, 'Be meaner. Be meaner.' I'm like, 'Great, I love that.'"

So Todd did not mind at all if you guys pitched your own lines out there?

Rachael Harris: "No, he was really collaborative which is awesome. So it's like he really works with to make you trust yourself and brings out the best in you I think. Because when he hires you, he's like, 'I believe in you. You know what to do so go for it.'"

You didn't get to go to Vegas in this.

Rachael Harris: "I didn't. I wish I had been able to go."

Do you have crazy Vegas experiences?

Rachael Harris: "I don't. No, I'm not a booze bag so I don't have too many hangover stories, which is crazy, so I don't. I've never been really, really drunk in my life which you guys are like, 'You're a big snore.' But I haven't. I just haven't been."

Any wild bachelorette parties maybe?

Rachael Harris: "Cheryl Hines is here and she's my best friend. She threw my bachelorette party the first time I got married, because I'm divorced. We went to like Jumbo's Clown Room, which is probably the saddest thing you can do at a bachelorette party is go watch other women stripping. It was crazy."

So it's not something you suggest other brides to be to do?

Rachael Harris: "And then I think we went to a Greek restaurant where we threw plates and stuff like that. It was very silly."

Why should people, with all the big summer movies coming out, go see Hangover?

Rachael Harris: "They should go see it because it's shocking and it's really funny. There's great acting in it. It's just really funny. When you think R-rated comedy, you don't think great acting but they are. They're phenomenal."

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