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Video:Gilles Marini Interview - Sex and the City's Naked Guy

with Rebecca Murray

If you're one of the millions of fans of 'Sex and the City: The Movie,' then you've seen a lot of Gilles Marini even though you may not know his name - yet. At the premiere of 'The Incredible Hulk,' Marini chatted about his role in the 'SATC' movie.See Transcript

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Transcript:Gilles Marini Interview - Sex and the City's Naked Guy

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the World Premiere of The Incredible Hulk.

Gilles Marini ('Dante' in Sex and the City: The Movie)

How's it going to feel always being known as 'the naked guy' in Sex and the City?

Gilles Marini: "I think it's going to last for another couple weeks and the first time that they're going to see me on other things, they're going to say, 'Oh, that's this guy.' You know, it's great now. I don't mind that at all. Look what Brad Pitt did on Thelma and Louise, you know? Before they called him Brad Pitt, I'm sure they go, 'Oh, look at this handsome guy over there.' They remember him from that. If they remember me from this and then put me on a different planet afterwards, it's great. What a career he had. I'm not saying I'm going to have the same, but I would love to."

Have women recognized you on the streets more so than before?

Gilles Marini: "It happens. New York was insane. It looks like everybody saw it, from guys to women to everybody was there. Times Square a couple a days ago, a big gathering of a lot of women, that's for sure, and somehow teenagers. I'm like, 'You're not supposed to go see this movie.'"

It's an R-rated movie.

Gilles Marini: "Somehow they went."

So when you get a script and it tells you this is your character, you're pretty much going to be showing off your body. How do you feel about that?

Gilles Marini: "It was kind of kept on the down low for a long time. I knew it would have to happen that way. I didn't really know exactly what's going to happen so the nudity and the sex scenes and all were pretty much like when I got there, 'This is what you're going to do.' And I knew obviously that the imagination and when Michael Patrick came… When I got there he was very easy. I was surrounded by beautiful people, so… Very, very, very good people."

What's next for you?

Gilles Marini: "A lot of things coming up. Hopefully one or two parts I'm looking at right now that I really want. I can't say. If I say and it doesn't work out, you're going to say, 'Oh, what's happening?' So, we'll see. Very soon you'll see me more."

Well you were one of my favorite parts of Sex and the City.

Gilles Marini: "Oh, thank you. Which part?"

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