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Video:Kate Hudson, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Brian Hooks Interviews

with Rebecca Murray

It was a blustery night when Fool's Gold had its world premiere at the historic Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood. While a lot of actresses chose to show some skin despite the cold, Kate Hudson played it smart and covered up.See Transcript

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Transcript:Kate Hudson, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Brian Hooks Interviews

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the World Premiere of Fool's Gold.

Kate Hudson ('Tess')

How easy was it to fall back into a flow with Matthew McConaughey?

Kate Hudson: "It was pretty good. You know, it had been a while, it had been about five years, but Matthew and I hadn't really changed much except that I was a mom. So it went pretty smoothly, actually."

How do you feel about you being in a bikini on the poster and Matthew getting to wear a shirt?

Kate Hudson: "Well then you get to see the movie so then it's a good switch. I'm usually in a uniform, and he's usually shirtless. I only get really one bikini shot in the movie, which made me quite happy as most women would agree. Like, be on film for the rest of your life in a bikini."

Is it hard to walk out on set with a hundred or so people in a bikini?

Kate Hudson: "You know, I kind of don't care about stuff like that only because I'm an actor which means we just do whatever we're told."

Malcolm-Jamal Warner ('Cordell')

You play a bad guy in this one, right?

Malcolm-Jamal Warner: "Yes."

So how much fun is it to play a bad guy in a romantic comedy?

Malcolm-Jamal Warner: "It's awesome. To be a bad guy in a romantic comedy…not a whole lot of pressure. You get to be what I call, we were inept killers. So we had a lot of fun."

That's the best kind to be, I guess.

Malcolm-Jamal Warner: "Especially in a romantic comedy."

Did you have to dive or do any of that crazy stuff?

Malcolm-Jamal Warner: "I didn't dive. I didn't dive for work, I dived for fun. I actually even jumped off a ship for fun."

How could that possibly be fun?

Malcolm-Jamal Warner: "It was just fun. You know, following the ship's crew, just having fun one afternoon. And you know I hurt myself and had to get seven stitches in my leg, on my day off mind you. But I came home and told people I was fighting a shark and that's how I got the wound in my leg."

But now you're saying it and everybody is going to know it.

Malcolm-Jamal Warner: "I'm over it now."

What was the set like? I mean, you guys were on the water forever.

Malcolm-Jamal Warner: "Yeah. Water is great. When you're on the water forever, it starts to take its toll. By the time I came back I didn't want to see a beach. I didn't want to take a bath, just take a shower. But all in all, there are far worse conditions under which to work."

Brian Hooks ('Curtis')

I hear you had some really interesting experiences on this film in the water. Tell me about them.

Brian Hooks: "Well actually, there was lots of stuff in there. First, as a black man, I probably wasn't supposed to be in the middle of the ocean swimming and whatnot. But they had these little Irukandji, these little things half the size of your pinkie fingernail, jellyfish. And when they stab you, you die. You have a couple of hours to get to a hospital or else you die. You can't see them; you just start going into convulsions. It attacks your nervous system. 'But you'll be all right. Get out there!' I'm like, 'Oh, okay.' So that overshadowed the fact that a shark could just eat you, you know what I mean? So it was a lot of stuff. That, coupled with me being scared to scuba dive... I got over that only to find that my life was in danger every time I set foot in the water. And apparently they chose to shoot the film in the most dangerous water in the world. So, kind of crazy."

How do you stay in character when you're also worried about sharks and everything else?

Brian Hooks: "It was difficult. You just commit and it's part of the job. It's part of the job and so you just commit and you hope for the best. And you get your ass out of the water when you finish."

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