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Video:Twilight - Edi Gathegi Interview at Comic Con 2008

with Rebecca Murray

Edi Gathegi ('Laurent') is a fan of 'Twilight' and even if he wasn't in the movie, he would have turned up at the San Diego Comic Con to check out all things 'Twilight.' See, just because he plays a bad vampire, that doesn't make him a bad person.See Transcript

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Transcript:Twilight - Edi Gathegi Interview at Comic Con 2008

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the 2008 San Diego Comic Con.

Edi Gathegi – 'Laurent' in Twilight

You're a bad guy. How's it feel to play a bad guy?

Edi Gathegi: "It's thrilling. I've got super speed, super strength. I can go out in the day."

Red eyes...

Edi Gathegi: "The red eyes, the very seductive eyes."

Vampires are always so sexy. Do you tap into that when you're playing him?

Edi Gathegi: "I have no control over that. I hope that's coming across. I'm just a dude in a movie."

So when you read the script and you knew you were going to be playing a vampire, you were okay with that?

Edi Gathegi: "Yeah. To be honest, I wasn't a huge vampire fan. But when I read this book series, and when I read the script, this was a story that I wanted to be a part of. I thought it was just so human in the way that she depicted Bella, and her romance with Edward is real. I wanted to be a part of a story that told a vampire story in that way."

But you try and tear it apart though.

Edi Gathegi: "I do. My character tries to tear it apart, but you know my character's also got a sensitive side. He also warns the Cullens that this is what my cohorts are up to. So while his natural instinct is to kill human beings because that's how he has to sustain himself, I think other than that, he's a nice guy."

In the books we don't hear much about them to begin with. Is there more in the movie that we learn about you guys?

Edi Gathegi: "Yeah, well because it's a movie, there is no movie without any dramatic tension, so you don't meet our characters until page 300 in the book. You're kind of aware of our existence early on in the movie, because otherwise it wouldn't be a movie without the conflict."

So do we get to see you actually doing some killing?

Edi Gathegi: "You have to watch the movie, babe."

These vampires don't have the long teeth or anything, so you didn't have any makeup process except for the eyes?

Edi Gathegi: "There was like your standard makeup whenever you're doing a movie. But that's what I also love about this movie is that the mythology is new. We can go out in the daytime. There's no crosses; there's no garlic. It's just a different type of vampire story and that's what I love about it.

You should be in the second one, if there is a second one. Are you signed on for the second one?

Edi Gathegi: "I don't know about that, but if we do do a second one, I would love to be a part of it. I am trying to commission Stephanie Meyer to write The Laurent Chronicles. I would love it. She's so good that maybe she can crank one out in a couple of months. Who knows?"

Or maybe just one for you. At least she could give you a good backstory.

Edi Gathegi: "Even if it doesn't go out. I want to know where my character came from."

Can you believe the reaction of fans to these characters, to this whole thing?

Edi Gathegi: "Yeah, I can because I'm one of them. If I wasn't in this movie, I'd be at Comic Con at the Twilight booth trying to take pictures with Rob myself."

Have you been to a Comic Con before?

Edi Gathegi: "I was here last year. I didn't get to spend too much time but I had a film that was in the Comic Con, but I wasn't invited so the castmates invited me. So I was kind of like their guest. But I saw the craziness of Comic Con. It's good to be on this side of it. It's fun."

So did you sign autographs with the fans already?

Edi Gathegi: "I did and they're very sweet."

Any strange reactions to you because you are the bad guy?

Edi Gathegi: "No. I think they were just generally nervous to meet everybody because some of these people are their heroes. So there was a lot of nerves but it was kind of endearing, sweet."

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