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Video:Taylor Lautner, Julia Jones,BooBoo Stewart Eclipse Interview

with Rebecca Murray

With fans screaming like crazy, Taylor Lautner joined members of the 'Twilight: Eclipse' Wolf Pack Julia Jones and BooBoo Stewart-along with the rest of the cast-for the LA premiere of the third film of the super popular vampire/werewolf series.See Transcript

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Transcript:Taylor Lautner, Julia Jones,BooBoo Stewart Eclipse Interview

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the LA premiere of Summit Entertainment's The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Taylor Lautner - 'Jacob' in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

I heard that the tent scene was your favorite scene to film.

Taylor Lautner: "It was. It definitely was. It's the first moment Edward and Jacob are able to connect and understand each for the first time, so it was fun."

Are you worried that your body's all of a sudden going to become puny?

Taylor Lautner: "I've got to stay with it. We've still got two more movies to make and I've got Abduction, Stretch Armstrong so I can't give up. I've got to keep working hard."

Taylor, you get to be opposite Rob a lot more in this one. What is that like?

Taylor Lautner: "It's exciting. Rob and I hadn't really had the opportunity to film together except for like two small scenes in New Moon, so it was great to be able to finally work together. We're very good friends so it was a lot of fun."

A lot of people give you a hard time about having your shirt off all the time, but there is a reason why.

Taylor Lautner: "Of course. No, it's not nonsense. The characters were written that way. They're 108 degrees. And, I'm sorry, when they transform into werewolves, they don't keep their clothes on. At least we grab some shorts to cover up."

Julia Jones - 'Leah' in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

You're on the set with all the guys, we talked about it before and they treated you nicely, what was the most important thing they did to welcome you into the wolf pack?

Julia Jones: "They took me to dinner and they just listened and offered a lot of advice. They were just like always there. They were people you feel like if I ever called them for anything, no matter what country they're in, what time of day it is, they would figure it out."

Have you felt that way with other people you've worked with before or is this something new?

Julia Jones: "This is really different, I think, than anything. I mean I've had a little bit of that in the past but this is sort of like... I don't know. You're going through something together and it's a very, very close bond."

You're going through something as the wolves and you're also going through a Twilight phenomenon so...

Julia Jones: "Yeah, maybe it's proportional to the project."

Are you ready for Breaking Dawn

Julia Jones: "Not yet, but now that I think about it. Not yet. But I'm very excited to get into that."

Did you talk to Stephenie Meyer to find out more about your character?

Julia Jones: "I didn't talk to her yet about it. I think hopefully when we get into...Leah's arc sort of happens in Breaking Dawn. Till this point I think it's good to know that she must have felt like I was enough on her page. She was there, I could have asked her."

BooBoo Stewart - 'Seth' in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

You're new to the wolf pack and I understand there was an initiation or some kind of hazing when they welcomed you. Is that true?

BooBoo Stewart: "No, there was not. Thank god there was not. I can't imagine what they'd come up with."

They treated you well?

BooBoo Stewart: "Oh yeah, totally. Right when I came out of the makeup trailer, they'd always come up, introduce themselves to me, and they're just really cool guys. They're just down to earth and nice."

Are you ready for Breaking Dawn now?

BooBoo Stewart: "Yeah, you know, it's split up into two films. I'm super excited. I hope I get to do it and that I'm ready."

Wait, you hope you get to do it? You're signed on, right?

BooBoo Stewart: "Not yet. I hope I get to do it. My character's in it, so that's good."

So what are some crazy things you guys did on the set?

BooBoo Stewart: "Crazy things? There wasn't a lot of crazy things on the set because we're working and we can't get hurt or anything. Or I didn't do any crazy things. But a funny thing was I remember one time David Slade, I looked over and there's this behind the scenes camera and he was throwing punches into the camera and wrestling it. It was really late and everyone was really tired."

This is the third one of these. Why does it keep getting bigger and bigger and the fans are still going so crazy for it after all these years?

BooBoo Stewart: "I think every book gets better so I think with the movies they're going to get better, and so more fans are just going to keep on loving and loving it. I think it's awesome. They are so loyal and they're always here for support. It's great."

Are you ready for a spin-off with just Seth?

BooBoo Stewart: "That'd be cool. I'd be excited."

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