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Video:Dylan Walsh and Dylan Baker Secretariat Interviews

with Rebecca Murray

Dylan Walsh and Dylan Baker star in Walt Disney Pictures' 'Secretariat,' the amazing true story of one of the greatest racehorses in history. Walsh plays the husband of Secretariat's owner (played by Diane Lane) and Baker co-stars as Lane's brother.See Transcript

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Transcript:Dylan Walsh and Dylan Baker Secretariat Interviews

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the World Premiere of Walt Disney Pictures' Secretariat.

Dylan Walsh - 'Jack Tweedy' in Secretariat

In '73 it was important to have a horse like this to help the country. Is it important now to tell a story like this?

Dylan Walsh: "Oh, I think so. I think some of the same things that were going on then are going on now. I think there was a kind of moral confusion in '73 - when is there not? - but I mean I think there is now, too. I think people get sick of...people are so tired of politics and how it all just gets bogged down, something about a horse that gets gets out on the track and just run like the wind - there's something beautiful about that. And we can all embrace it because it's not people. We're sick of ourselves, you know? But there's something about a horse and the beauty of it, and this thing would just get out there and it had this great personality for one thing but then it just ran like no other horse ran. There's just something simple in its nature."

I was shocked to hear that her husband didn't support her in real life.

Dylan Walsh: "Well, he did. You know, in the movie I play him and in the movie because it's a story we sort of push that a little bit further than maybe it really happened. I think the point is that it was a male-dominated sport. In 1973, whether it's sports or whatever you were doing women, unfortunately, were in general expected to take care of the kids and do the laundry, and we all know that. So this was a great character to play because in a small way, he's a bit of the villain. Not really, because he was a good man - he was a great man - but I think it was tough. '73, the horse wins the Triple Crown, it's also the year they split up. And it tells you a lot about what was going on and certain kind of attitudes and chauvinism that was going on, and how hard it was to change. But in the movie, in the movie now, the character sort of has to come around by the end. So it was a fun arc to play."

Dylan Baker - 'Hollis Chenery' in Secretariat

How much did you know about Secretariat and this whole behind-the-scenes story?

Dylan Baker: "Oh, this was my time. I mean I would say my family, we always stopped everything for the Kentucky Derby Saturday and watched on the TV. Kind of got together and we would cut up all the names and put them in a hat and pick out different ones. And if your's was the winner, it was very exciting. But with Secretariat, there was a little something special about that horse. You watched him in that and you watched him in the Preakness so by the time the Belmont Stakes, it just was the most exciting day of racing that I can remember. And the fact that he won it so decisively, it was pretty amazing."

So when you were offered a chance to play a part in the story, you had to leap at it.

Dylan Baker: "Oh yes, very much. But of course getting a chance to play Diane Lane's brother was not so bad either, let me tell you."

It's kind of funny to me that the men in this story do not really support. That's very interesting to find out she had to brave this by herself.

Dylan Baker: "You can talk to the actual Penny Chenery. She'll tell you it was hard for her to be able to get done what she got done."

Did you pick her brain before you started on this?

Dylan Baker: "Actually during filming we got to hang out a little bit and I always talked to her, especially about as I was playing her brother - Hollis Chenery - I was very interested in their relationship. He seemed like he was a very intelligent guy. He actually, I've got to remember the guy who said he thought he was the most intelligent guy he ever worked with. So he was a fascinating guy, but he didn't think that he or Penny belonged in the horse business - but Penny proved him wrong."

Why should people see Secretariat?

Dylan Baker: "To me it's kind of like an Apollo 13 in that, 'Oh, I hope that they get back.' There's something about this movie that you're pulling for this horse so much. And it brought a nation together then and I think it should bring the nation together in the movie theater this time."

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