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Video:Denis O'Hare Interview-Edge of Darkness and True Blood

with Rebecca Murray

Denis O'Hare hit the red carpet at the premiere of 'Edge of Darkness' to chat up the thriller from director Martin Campbell. He also talked about another project he's working on: 'True Blood.' O'Hare plays the King of Mississippi in the 3rd season.See Transcript

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Transcript:Denis O'Hare Interview-Edge of Darkness and True Blood

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the LA Premiere of Warner Bros Pictures' Edge of Darkness.

Denis O'Hare – 'Moore' in Edge of Darkness

Denis O'Hare: "It's actually a really cool movie and a really cool part. I play a CIA guy, and David Aaron Baker and I interact with Danny Huston. We kind of have a government/corporate relationship with him, which gets discovered by Mel Gibson. And then we all get taken out, basically, at one point. But it's incredibly complicated. We'd sit there in scenes and go, 'So I'm saying I don't like you because you know what I said about him that time when…' I mean, it was insane."

Well, the audience isn't going to get lost, right?

Denis O'Hare: "No. No."

Working with [director Martin Campbell], what was that like?

Denis O'Hare: "I love him. He's great. You know what? He is like a great combination of a dad and a military recruiter. So when he needs to be really, really scary and get you to shape up, he does that. And then he can be incredibly gentle and supportive and warm, and loving. He calls you my darling all the time. 'My darling, we're going to do this take and do it well!' But no, he's great."

Have you started filming True Blood?

Denis O'Hare: "I have shot two episodes of True Blood. "

Are you as evil as they say you're going to be?

Denis O'Hare: "No! I'm charming. I'm not evil – I'm charming. I'm the Vampire King of Mississippi. And I actually got my fangs today."

What did they feel like?

Denis O'Hare: "They do a mouth cast, you know what I mean, and then they make them. And then you get rubber fangs, and then you get hard fangs. Hard fangs hurt and rubber fangs feel great."

Are we going to see you sucking on people?

Denis O'Hare: "Definitely. Yeah, definitely."

Okay, but they say you're the big villain…

Denis O'Hare: "No. I have a point of view. I'm for vampires and I want them to get their rights. I want them to be preeminent, and I'll do what I have to do to make that happen."

And it doesn't matter who you kill to do that?

Denis O'Hare: "It's not about killing, it's about persuading. I'm very charming."

How easy is it to say, "Oh yeah, I'm playing a vampire"?

Denis O'Hare: "You know what? It's a riot. It's a total riot. But it's great to say, 'I'm the Vampire King of Mississippi.' That's much better."

Is that the accent you use?

Denis O'Hare: "That's the accent I'm going to use. It's a good one. I have a great model, a guy down from Meridian, Mississippi – a good guy."

Okay, everybody else in the cast gets naked. Are they going to make the King of Mississippi get naked?

Denis O'Hare: "I hope not. I mean, you know what? I'm not ashamed of my body but I am 48 and it's kind of like I've managed to go this long without doing that, you know? I mean, my sisters will be really unhappy – they'd be grossed out. I just think it's better for everyone."

You've already filmed two of them… Have you been terrible in those or are these good scenes? [and no, I didn't mean his acting but the actions taken by the King in those scenes] What are you doing?

Denis O'Hare: "They're fantastic scenes. The writing is unbelievably good. You know what's great about it is that even though you're a vampire, you're human. And so I had this great scene recently with Vampire Bill [played by Stephen Moyer] and it was a scene between two people talking about the people that they love, and what you do with that love. Because my boyfriend in the thing is 700 years old…I'm 2300 years old and we've been together for 700 years. And I have this great line where I say, 'Spend eternity together – that's commitment.' But, you know, the script is deep. It's not just frivolous, and I love that about it."

Did you watch the other two seasons?

Denis O'Hare: "I did. I was a fan, I was a fan."

Did you read the books?

Denis O'Hare: "I read a couple of the books, just to kind of get background. You know what? They're a different thing. I think what Alan [Ball] does is incredibly unique, and what Charlaine [Harris] did was incredibly cool because she created this world. And then he takes that world and he changes it."

It's still the same basic world.

Denis O'Hare: "Same basic world, yeah."

It's almost an alternate universe, in some cases.

Denis O'Hare: "Yeah. But in the books, I'm like 22 and have brown eyes. I'm not 22 and I have green eyes, so…"

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