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Video:Chris Rock, Columbus Short,Loretta Devine-Death at a Funeral

with Rebecca Murray

Actor/producer Chris Rock and the huge cast of 'Death at a Funeral' - including Columbus Short and Loretta Devine - showed up at the film's world premiere in Hollywood to talk about this R-rated comedy directed by Neil LaBute.See Transcript

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Transcript:Chris Rock, Columbus Short,Loretta Devine-Death at a Funeral

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the World Premiere of Screen Gems' Death at a Funeral.

Chris Rock - 'Aaron' in Death at a Funeral

I saw the original and I thought it was fantastic. Why did you want to remake it?

Chris Rock: "A lot of people didn't see the original so that's the big reason. I thought it could be a big American movie."

Is it close to the original? Do we get the same jokes? Is it the same vibe?

Chris Rock: "It's a different vibe. You know, that was very mannered, like the Brits. And this one's very crude, like Americans."

I heard you call it a cover song kind of…

Chris Rock: "Yeah, it's not really a remake because that would be everything exactly the same. It's a reinterpretation."

Loretta Devine - 'Cynthia' in Death at a Funeral

Neil LaBute is not the most obvious director for a movie like this. What was he like on the set?

Loretta Devine: "You know, he was very laidback. We were very comfortable with Neil and a little afraid of him because of his size. And when he said, 'Shut up,' everybody did."

Did you ever go by the script?

Loretta Devine: "There's not that much ad-libbing in it. It's amazing. They really went close to the script most of the time, because we had cues that we had to hit – especially when I had to beat up people."

Was that enjoyable?

Loretta Devine: "Only if they got their cue right because if they didn't, you had to do it over and over and over and over. And I'm an old lady, I can't do that!"

I've seen the original. Is this one going to take it even further, because that one really pushed the limits?

Loretta Devine: "Well, I think it takes it a little further. They changed, basically, the logistics of things. They talk about Dreamgirls and a few other things that are not in the first one. I haven't seen the total thing myself so I don't know how far it goes to be honest. I just know from reading the actual script so you'll see."

Columbus Short - 'Jeff' in Death at a Funeral

How do you this movie without just totally blowing every scene by cracking up?

Columbus Short: "You don't. You blow every scene. You try to hope that you can give the director one take. One take, you give them that and you're good money."

Who was the worst at making you laugh?

Columbus Short: "Tracy Morgan."


Columbus Short: "He'd just say crazy stuff. 'Eddie Kendricks is my real father.' He'd say crazy stuff."

Did you see the original movie?

Columbus Short: "I did."

How does it compare?

Columbus Short: "I think it's as funny if not funnier."

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