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Video:Chris Pine Interview - Star Trek, ShoWest 2009

with Rebecca Murray

Chris Pine earned the ShoWest Male Star of Tomorrow award at the 2009 event in Las Vegas. Pine's starring role as James T Kirk in one of 2009's biggest films, "Star Trek," made him deserving of the honor, according to ShoWest attendees.See Transcript

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Transcript:Chris Pine Interview - Star Trek, ShoWest 2009

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at 2009 ShoWest.

Chris Pine – Male Star of Tomorrow Award Winner

What are your thoughts on the possibility of the next Star Trek movie being made in 3-D?

Chris Pine: "You know, I'm just trying to get through this period before the first one comes out. What to say to that? JJ [Abrams] is an incredible director in many ways. He's a wonderful actor's director but he's also a total technophile. On his laptop on the set he'd be looking up CNN and then playing around with Garage Band and working on Photoshop so I'm sure, knowing JJ, that he would love, love to do something in 3-D. But it remains to be seen. I think the movie that we made, this one, is fantastic. I hope it does as well as people think it will. I saw it last week and it's pretty fantastic. It's got great humor and great characters and great relationships, and the big effects that you expect from a summer movie. I think people will enjoy it."

What does it mean to be named Male Star of Tomorrow?

Chris Pine: "Well, it's quite a company to be [in], to have my name on a list…I mean, Heath Ledger, Matt Damon, Shia [LaBeouf], Emile Hirsch, Chris O'Donnell, etc, down the line, down the line. Yeah, it is pretty… It's a little overwhelming, I won't lie. I just saw Michael Caine and Dennis Quaid out there, you know? I mean my movie hasn't even come out yet and I already get something this wonderful and this flattering. Quite frankly I'm just flattered and honored to be here and to have flown down here."

Do you feel any added pressure being given this Male Star of Tomorrow award?

Chris Pine: "Sure. There's the pressure that you put on yourself and then there's the simple fact that you meet… I just saw the ballroom and it seems like it goes back 40 football fields or something. But the movie's done, it's in the can. I've did my job, I hope. I had a great time making it. JJ's not only a wonderful filmmaker but he casts incredibly well so the company I was in was fantastic. They're good friends of mine now. As crazy as this journey will be as I'm sure it will be, at least I'm doing it with people I really like and respect as artists."

What is the transition like going from independent films to tackling an iconic role in Star Trek?

Chris Pine: "Pretty much like 180. You know there's a vibe, and I'm sure you heard it before and it's very true, there's a vibe on an independent set that is really wonderful because you feel like you're at theatre camp or something. Like putting on a play in a week and you have limited budget, limited time, and you want to do the best job possible. That's a wonderful communal feeling of like, 'We're all in this together.' You know, one for all, all for one. And it's surprising that I had that same, given kind of the disparity in budget and size and scope etc, that I had that same feeling on my first really big budget movie. And that is all…all credit is due to JJ for creating that atmosphere where as big and overwhelming as it could have been, it was not. And it felt like we were making something new and fresh and fun, and I think that's JJ's keyword is fun. I talked to him the other day, we had to go to Japan to do pre-press for this big around the world extravaganza, and we were on the plane talking. He said, 'You know, I would do this if I were an accountant. I would do this with my friends on the weekends.' And first of all you don't hear that all that often. And second of all, even if you heard it I wouldn't really buy it from anybody. But from JJ I couldn't believe it more. He'd be doing it for the pure joy and passion of making films."

Does this Star Trek defer to the original series or is this a fresh spin on the franchise?

Chris Pine: "Well I mean you know I'm probably the wrong person to ask because I'm not a student of the Star Trek canon as much as other people are. If you talk to Karl Urban, Karl Urban can break it down like nobody's business. But I think it does. You can't help but look at the film and recognize the costumes are very, I mean if not identical very close to what was done in the original series. It has kind of retro feel, the production design, and that was a conscious decision on JJ's part to do that. And above and beyond that, the relationships between the characters – these are a time in these characters' lives that you've seen and known for 40 years that have never been put on film before, never explored. So there's certainly things about this brief period before the five year journey that some people might take issue with because it's not going to be the Kirk that you know when William Shatner sat in the chair, because I'm not William Shatner, clearly. And in order to create that firm bond that we finally find in that five year mission, there is some tension, there is some strife. You know, it's not all fun and games in a friendly atmosphere in the beginning, but it gives it some place to go so that by the end you understand why these people have bound themselves to one another."

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