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Video:The Book of Eli - Denzel Washington Interview, Comic Con

with Rebecca Murray

Denzel Washington made the trip to San Diego to be a part of Warner Bros Pictures' panel of upcoming releases presented at the 2009 Comic Con. Washington stars in 'The Book of Eli' as a man who must protect a sacred book in a post-apocalyptic world.See Transcript

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Transcript:The Book of Eli - Denzel Washington Interview, Comic Con

Warner Bros Pictures' The Book of Eli at the 2009 San Diego Comic Con.

Denzel Washington - 'Eli' in The Book of Eli

In this film you're taking direction from twin brothers. How difficult is that?

Denzel Washington: "Actually Albert is more the tech, camera - playing your part [talking to my camera woman] - just like the two of you right now."

They work well together.

Denzel Washington: "Exactly. They're both sides of one brain. Allen is more the... If we watch this interview now - oh no, Albert's doing all the talking now. Usually Allen does. It's usually the other way around. But Allen talks to the actors. Albert's more with the camera."

That's okay?

Denzel Washington: "It works out fine. You know who to ask what from whom. You know what I mean."

And you did a lot of your own stunts in this, right?

Denzel Washington: "Yeah. Yeah, yeah."

This was a physically demanding role so how was that on you?

Denzel Washington: "I trained for about six, seven months with some really top martial artists and swordsmen. And one of the best in the world, Danny Inosanto and his protege Jeff Imada. Danny was a contemporary and good friend of Bruce Lee, so I'm learning from the best."

The world that they've set up is so bleak. How is it getting on a set like that?

Denzel Washington: "It ain't a comedy. There's some funny stuff in it, actually. No, there is."

You wouldn't know that by reading about it.

Denzel Washington: "There's some humorous moments in it, some interesting characters. But it was interesting just to be in a whole other world."

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