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Video:Anna Friel Interview - Land of the Lost at Comic Con 2008

with Rebecca Murray

Anna Friel plays a research assistant who gets trapped in a land of dinosaurs and other weird creatures in the big screen adaptation of 'Land of the Lost.' Friel wasn't familiar with the TV series before landing the role, but now she's a huge fan.See Transcript

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Transcript:Anna Friel Interview - Land of the Lost at Comic Con 2008

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the 2008 San Diego Comic Con.

Anna Friel - 'Holly' in Land of the Lost

When you're looking at the story in this, it looks like the female is really the smart one. Is that true?

Anna Friel: "She kind of guides the group a little bit, it has to be said. And she's a Cambridge graduate and she's – I stay in my own accent – she's British. And she kind of helps the boys guide their way when they go up into all the…doing all their mad stuff."

Being in the land of the lost with dinosaurs and Sleestaks, what's that like on the set?

Anna Friel: "Fabulous. Even better because I've got a three year old daughter and she was powdering the Sleestaks and, 'Look, mommy!' And there was lots of adventure running around from big blue screens and tennis balls. It was the best fun I've ever had on a movie. And sand dunes and we were in harnesses for a long time so we all got very fit."

I hear that there was actually a lot of improv in this. Is that true?

Anna Friel: "Yes, lots of it. Well, you can't have a film that's not improv'd when you've got Will and Danny McBride, who's wonderful…"

Are you really good at improvising? Is that comfortable?

Anna Friel: "It's quite a big culture in England. A lot of the drama schools and theater schools are based on improvisation. I did a schooling on it from about 13 to 16, but it was lot more with serious stuff. And I think to watch masters at work, which I think they are pretty much as far as improvisation is concerned – they're the best – and the best way to learn is to watch and to listen and to be amongst it. So I was very spoiled."

Were you familiar with Land of the Lost the TV series at all?

Anna Friel: "No, I wasn't. …Now obviously I am and I've watched every single episode. Like I said, the theme tune has become my absolute favorite. I love it."

And Pushing Daisies is one of my favorite shows. You're back on it, you're working, how is it going?

Anna Friel: "The strike for me worked out in my favor because it meant I was able to do this. And then the last two weeks I was jumping in between this and then going back and being American 'Chuck'."

That must have been fun.

Anna Friel: "It was great. So we wrapped last night at 12:30 so my head's in a little bit of a spin. But it's all going well. We come back in October."

And the second season is going to be just as good as the first?

Anna Friel: "Yes, it is. I hope."

It's such intelligent writing. Do you just love getting those scripts?

Anna Friel: "I do. Well, it's daunting sometimes because there's just so much dialogue to remember every single night, and you're doing 8 pages, 10 pages a day sometimes. But it's always a joy. It's like reading a beautiful piece of poetry almost. For me, getting my mouth around all the Rs… But it's very fun. I love all the costumes and the clothes."

And the color palette is so unusual.

Anna Friel: "This is why - I'm in Daisies mode. I should have gone away and put my little shorts on."

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