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Video:Alexa Davalos Clash of the Titans Interview

with Rebecca Murray

Alexa Davalos stars as Princess Andromeda in the 2010 version of the action epic 'Clash of the Titans.' Davalos is no stranger to action films, and playing opposite a Kraken that wasn't there just meant she had to put her imagination to good use.See Transcript

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Transcript:Alexa Davalos Clash of the Titans Interview

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the Los Angeles Premiere of Warner Bros Pictures' Clash of the Titans.

Alexa Davalos – 'Andromeda' in Clash of the Titans

What I like about this movie is that the women are stronger in it than they were in the original. You see that too, right?

Alexa Davalos: "Absolutely. That was an intention. I think Louis [Leterrier] had this incredible vision with that, and really let us bring out all these different sides of these people. And so it was very, very fun to do."

Was it fun playing her and do you think fans are going to really like her this time around?

Alexa Davalos: "I mean I think yeah. We brought it into today. I think it's of its time, it's more about the individual character versus the love – but the love is there. I mean, Perseus and Andromeda have, in our film anyone, have a very strong connection. But they're both man alone in a way. They're both kind of fighting to the death for their passions, so that's what brings them together which I think is interesting."

Does it ever get easy to work opposite nothing?

Alexa Davalos: "You know what? It's a funny thing. I think the first time I did it I was completely uncomfortable with it and thought, 'Oh, what am I going to do?' And then you kind of remember being a kid and you remember scaring yourself, or thinking there's something under your bed. You know, you go into the child inside of you. What we do is make-believe, you know? And so in its purest form it really is about the imagination and so I really enjoy it."

Why do you think people are still interested in this story?

Alexa Davalos: "You know what? They're archaic. They started in the beginning of time. The evolution is such that they remain timeless somehow, because of the emotions and the throughlines throughout. We've got love and hate and fear and sacrifice and triumph, things that we can all relate to on some level or another so they stay with us."

Louis [Leterrier] was saying that there might a series of these movies, not just this one. Are you ready to go back and revisit this again?

Alexa Davalos: "Yeah, definitely. With Louis I'd do anything. With Sam [Worthington] I'd do anything."

She's a character you don't mind getting back into one more time?

Alexa Davalos: "I quite like her, yes."

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