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Video:Aaron Eckhart Battle Los Angeles Interview

with Rebecca Murray

Aliens are invading and it's up to a platoon of Marines to save us in 'Battle: Los Angeles,' a sci-fi action thriller starring Aaron Eckhart as the platoon's leader. At Comic Con, Eckhart explained what sets this apart from other alien films.See Transcript

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Transcript:Aaron Eckhart Battle Los Angeles Interview

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con.

Aaron Eckhart - Battle: Los Angeles

So you have to save LA?

Aaron Eckhart: "Yes."

It's all in your hands?

Aaron Eckhart: "And a platoon of Marines. Yeah, we take them on. Aliens come out of Santa Monica Bay, but it's a global thing. They're taking over the whole globe and we're the first strike in Los Angeles."

Tell me what you actually acted opposite since there are no aliens out there.

Aaron Eckhart: "We went through bootcamp. We had full gear. We had all of our weaponry. We were shooting not live rounds but blanks, so we really had... And then we were shooting at guys dressed up in, you know, funny suits and stuff like that, and green screen. But there's a lot of reality in this movie. I think fans are going to really appreciate this movie because the reality is sky high. We really felt like we were in a war zone every single day."

Is that what sets it apart from other alien invasion movies?

Aaron Eckhart: "Absolutely. There's no doubt about it. When Jonathan first...when we got together we said, 'How do we want this movie to look?' And we looked up house to house combat or urban combat in Fallujah, and we said, 'We want it to look like that,' and we did."

And you went to Louisiana to film. What was that experience like?

Aaron Eckhart: "It was great. It was the middle of summer, it was hotter than hell but we were out there. We went through bootcamp together. We had the greatest Marines. Morale was high, but we learned our trade and we felt like that we could actually do the do when we were making the film."

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