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Video:AJ Michalka Interview - Secretariat

with Rebecca Murray

AJ Michalka stars as Kate Tweedy, daughter of the owner of Secretariat, Penny Chenery (played by Diane Lane), in the inspirational drama 'Secretariat.' At the film's world premiere, Michalka talked about the real Kate and playing a hippie.See Transcript

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Transcript:AJ Michalka Interview - Secretariat

Rebecca Murray from About.com Hollywood Movies at the World Premiere of Walt Disney Pictures' Secretariat.

AJ Michalka - 'Kate Tweedy' in Secretariat

So she's a fun character. She's the hippie type, right?

AJ Michalka: "Very fun. It was so cool. You naturally get so into it once the costuming comes together and the hair and make-up, and you start listening to music that's from that era. I'm a huge fan of '70s rock."

Are you really?

AJ Michalka: "Yeah. So for me it was so fun to get into. I loved it. She was just fascinating as a young girl and I was able to talk to the real Kate about what she was like. She's so fun, so exuberant, full of life, and a free spirit, and that's what I'm all about so I was able to relate to the character on a lot of different levels."

Was there one secret thing that she told you that wasn't in the script that really helped?

AJ Michalka: "You know what? The coolest thing was her just discussing what she was like at that age, you know? It's like she was a hippie, which was really cool. She was into war protesting. That was who she was so right there it was like there were no secrets. It was like, 'You know what? I'm going to tell you what I was like and you can do what you want with it as an actress.' And I held onto that like it was a treasure because that, to me, just helped me immensely. And you see it in the film, and she's really happy with it, which I'm honored. I'm so happy that the family's that excited about the final process. So, I'm stoked. I think that everyone did a really great job."

Why do you think that all these years later we're still interested in a story about a horse?

AJ Michalka: "How cool is that? It's really cool. No one's said that yet and you're so right. It's like after all these years, and that was in 1973 when he won the Triple Crown, the story's still so relevant because I think as an animal that horse in particular was considered one of the greatest athletes of our time. And I think that's what stuck with people. I mean, being on the cover of Sports Illustrated and Time, that's insane. That doesn't happen to an animal like that. So it's a really cool story, and the neat thing is it's not just based on the horse but the family behind it. And that's where you see all the dynamics between me and Dylan [Walsh] and Diane [Lane], and you really see the Chenery family come to life. That's the most exciting part about it."

It's inspirational and we don't have inspirational movies anymore.

AJ Michalka: "No. I agree, and that's what Walt Disney is so great at tapping into because they make really quality family films that everyone can relate to. That's why I'm so honored to be a part of it."

And I know you're not allowed to say anything but Super 8...are you filming?

AJ Michalka: "They started filming in Virginia. I start filming soon in LA. Very excited to be a part of the cast. I'm honored. I can't wait to work with JJ [Abrams] and Steven [Spielberg]. It's going to be a really great, great project."

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