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Video:9 - Elijah Wood Interview

with Rebecca Murray

Focus Features brought '9' voice cast members Elijah Wood and Jennifer Connelly, director Shane Acker, and producers Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov to San Diego for the 2009 Comic Con to show off their visually stunning animated film.See Transcript

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Transcript:9 - Elijah Wood Interview

Focus Features' 9 at the 2009 San Diego Comic Con.

Elijah Wood - '9' in 9

How are you doing?

Elijah Wood: "Very well."

I saw you at District 9 [produced by Peter Jackson]. Did you like it?

Elijah Wood: "Oh man, I loved it. Loved it. It was so good. I can't wait to see it again."

Really? Do you do that a lot - go see movies twice?

Elijah Wood: "Yeah. Movies that I love, yeah. I'm actually one of those people... I know people that are like, 'I can't. I can't see it again.' I have definitely have movies that I like repeat viewings."

9, did you see the short and is that what sold you on this one?

Elijah Wood: "It did. That had a lot to do with it. When I was initially approached about this, I was given kind of a packet of artwork, the script, a general sort of conceptual package, along with the short. And it was really the whole package that intrigued me, but it was really the short itself I found to be so extraordinary. I found that the animation style, which you can see in the context of the film, was there in the short. And I just found it to be so intriguing and beautiful, and kind of unlike anything I'd seen before. And I was so impressed that Shane [Acker] directed it himself, animated it himself over the course of four years. So it really is his vision."

The character is nondescript so how do you get into that? How do you find him?

Elijah Wood: "Yeah, they all kind of are. It's interesting. Being sort of drawn or created the way that they are, there aren't a lot of defining characteristics. So I guess, yes, the voice and the character really needs to be defined. And so that was a process throughout the recording process. And it changed. It sort of evolved over time as 9 sort of became a little bit more heroic, I think, throughout his journey so that there was a nice arc for him. He starts out completely innocent. He comes into this world that has been established by the others. They've already created a community led by 1, and he comes in with all these questions because he doesn't know who he is or who they are, and what they're hiding from. And it sort of shakes loose their environment, but it also answers a lot of questions and I think starts the journey that they go on."

It sounds pretty interesting for an animated character. Was it fun to get into something that deep?

Elijah Wood: "It was great. Fantastic. It's interesting that people have the perspective of animation that they do, that it's just for kids or that it's not taken as seriously. But I think when you're playing a character, no matter what the context, you want to imbue that with as much honesty and with as much seriousness as possible to create a real character. I mean the process for doing that in animation is very similar to that of a regular film."

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