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Video:2012 - Roland Emmerich Interview, Comic Con

with Rebecca Murray

Writer/director Roland Emmerich's no stranger to big-budget action epics, and adds another one to his resume with '2012.' Up until the San Diego Comic Con, Emmerich and Columbia Pictures were keeping '2012' a secret, but now Emmerich's ready to talk.See Transcript

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Transcript:2012 - Roland Emmerich Interview, Comic Con

Columbia Pictures' 2012 at the 2009 San Diego Comic Con.

2012 Writer/Producer Roland Emmerich

How do the effects in this one compare to all the other effects you've done?

Roland Emmerich: "I think it has a, I always like to say it has a philosophical component. I always like to say this to everybody, 'If you're making a disaster movie, it can not only be about disaster. It has to have something else.' And our movie's actually a retelling of Noah's Ark, a modern retelling of Noah's Ark. And that's what people will slowly find out, which is also cool that people have to find out something and don't get told everything from the beginning. Today we reveal some of these images which show ships and the ark, so that's cool. And I think that's what sets it apart. It's like just a movie which has a lot of destruction but leads to you can save some people and for that they have to build arks, and that's what the story's about."

How tough was it to keep that hidden all these months?

Roland Emmerich: "Well, we just didn't talk about it. I slowly talk about it because I know like in five minutes everyone is going to know, and I will say it publicly. When I started thinking about this movie, for a long time I was wavering. 'Should I really do another disaster movie?' But the more and more I had the story, I realized this is so different from anything I have done so far. The whole third act takes place on arks."

The whole 2012 phenomenon - people believe in this. What do you think about that?

Roland Emmerich: "It's really strange. When we started with the story, it was not called 2012. But then we like more and more realized in the research on the internet what kind of a big movement 2012 was. It felt very much like our movie. So at one point Harald [Kloser, co-writer/producer/composer] called me up. He was still in London and I was in Los Angeles for a couple of meetings and he said, 'I know what we do now. We call it 2012.' I said, 'You're crazy. What happens in 2013?' '2013 doesn't matter anymore.' I was totally against it at first, but slowly I realized this is a really good thing. It reminded me a little bit of what we did in Independence Day. In Independence Day we based it on Area 51. This was the center of the movie and it made it kind of somewhat more real because there was something people knew already about and believed in, so it was like they believed more in the storytelling."

[Woody Harrelson stops by for a kiss]

So people can more believe in it because it's based on that reality.

Roland Emmerich: "Yeah, so I think it's a good thing. It's always good to tie it into certain real myths and events."

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