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Video:Find the Right Type of Motorcycle for You

with Basem Wasef

There are lots of different bikes out there - but whether you're looking for a ride on- or off-road, quick and nimble, or low and slow - there's a motorcycle that's a perfect fit for you. Learn which types are out there.See Transcript

Transcript:Find the Right Type of Motorcycle for You

Whatever your taste is, whether it's off-road or on-road, touring, cruising, sport bike riding, dual-purpose riding, there's probably something out there for you. Hi, I'm Basem Wasef here with talking about different bike types. A lot of people ask me, "what type of motorcycle should I buy?" And, we are going to take a look at a few motorcycles here at the Motorcycle Industry Council to find out what different bikes are out there.

Touring Motorcycles

The is the Honda Gold Wing, probably the ultimate touring motorcycle you can buy. It's got a flat six-cylinder engine, a really upright, comfortable seating position, a tall windscreen to protect you from turbulence - and it's got features that range from adjustable suspension to a navigation system to antilock brakes. It's hooked up for a CB so you can talk to your buddy in the back, and you can even listen to the stereo on this. This Gold Wing has big saddle bags for storage.

Dual Purpose Motorcycles

This is the Honda CRF 230L Dual Purpose motorcycle. Dual purpose means it can go both off-road and on-road - this bike does it very well. It's got a lot of suspension travel, as you can see, so you can soak up a lot of bumps when you're going off-road. And the 230cc engine is great for beginners - this is almost the same kind of engine you're going to ride if you take a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course, so it's a really good way to ease into motorcycling.


Scooters are great for casual riders who don't necessarily want the commitment of a big, heavy motorcycle. They have step-through design so if you're wearing slacks and you just want to climb on like this, there's no exposed mechanical parts to get your pants dirty. And this little Honda Metropolitan has a little 50cc engine - really great fuel economy. This isn't the best choice for keeping up with traffic, but for small urban commutes or little trips around town, this is perfect.

Sports Bikes

This Kawasaki ZX-6R is a sport bike to the nth degree - it is very committed, very high-performance. A lot of new riders are attracted to sport bikes, but they really need to beware because these have a lot of power, and their capabilities are usually far beyond the abilities of a new rider. You've got a stretched-forward seating position, your legs are far back - everything is very immediate, everything happens very quickly on a sport bike. When you twist the throttle, you go very quickly - you can go so quickly that you wheelie. So, not the best bike for a new rider, but once you get a lot of experience, this is the the kind of bike that can be very satisfying to own.

Motorcycle Cruisers

Cruisers are really popular bikes, and they're typified by a low seating position, a feet-forward posture, and kind of a laid-back riding style. This Honda Shadow is a 750cc V-Twin - it's a v-configuration and it's got a lot of low-end torque, not really designed for so much horse power, because cruisers are more about off-the-line riding and cruising at constant speeds.

Standard Motorcycles

This is a standard or naked motorcycle - this is a Suzuki Gladius - it's got a 650cc engine. And, a standard or a naked bike is typified by a really more kind of iconic motorcycle-look. You can see the engine - it's got a lot of exposed parts - it's a little more raw. And standards usually have a more upright seating position - you can see, my back is not leaning too far forward, my arms are kind of comfortable, they're not reaching too far. It's definitely not as laid back as a cruiser - it's got more sport bike characteristics, but it's certainly not as all-out a sport bike as say the Kawasaki ZX-6R.

Motocross Bikes

This Kawasaki KX-250F is a motocross bike, dedicated to the dirt. It's got a lot of suspension travel, as you can see - it's got really knobby tires, and it's not made for the road at all. You'll notice it doesn't have headlights, it doesn't have turn signals - this is a purpose-built machine that is made for dirt riding.

So, whether you're looking for something that's a little more generalized that can do a bunch of different things like a naked bike, or you want something more specific like a sport bike or touring bike, there's got to be a bike out there that's just right for your needs.

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