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Video:How to Drive a Motorcycle Safely

with Matt Ediger

Learn how to drive a motorcycle safely by following these instructions. Here, see information about driving a motorcycle safely.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Drive a Motorcycle Safely

Hello I’m Matt Ediger from DownForce Motoring for and we're here at Northern and Pacific Moto here in Portland, Oregon and this is How to Safely Drive a Motorcycle.

Steps for Driving a Motorcycle Safely

Step one: Before you get onto your motorcycle, it's important to inspect it for safety.

T-CLOCS Method for Driving a Motorcycle Safely

We will be using the T-CLOCS method, first the tires. 1. Make sure the tires are at the correct pressure and the wheels are not bent. 2. Next, check the controls to make sure they're operating correctly. It's important they operate smoothly and don't bind up. This includes the clutch, front brake, throttle, rear brake and shifter. 3. Then check your lights. This includes your headlight, turn signals, and brake light. 4. Check your oil to make sure it’s at a good level. Checking the oil often differs by brand, so refer to your motorcycle’s owners manual. 5. Inspect the chassis for dents, bends, or general damage. 6. Lastly, make sure your motorcycle stand is operating correctly.

Additional Steps for Driving a Motorcycle Safely

Step two: gear. It is important that you wear the correct safety gear when you’re out riding. This includes a full-face helmet, long pants, a leather or textile jacket, boots that cover the ankles, and leather or armored gloves.

Step three: starting up the motorcycle. There are two types of starters on motorcycles: kick start and push-button starters. With push-button starters, if the motor doesn't fire right away, do not continue to hold the button as you can risk damaging the motorcycle. Make sure you have the choke set if your motorcycle has a manual choke.For old motorcycles, remember to tickle the carburetor before firing.Lastly, make sure your ignition key is set to the correct position before starting the motorcycle as well.

Step four: driving the motorcycle. The key to driving a motorcycle safely is smooth movement. Keeping your motions fluid helps keep the motorcycle stable on the road.When turning, look through the corner to where you want the motorcycle to go. Keep your head straight, lean into the turn, and apply light pressure on the handle bars utilizing the push/pull method that you should have learned in your motorcycle safety course.

Things to Remember for Driving a Motorcycle Safely

Remember, you must have a driver’s license with a motorcycle endorsement before you can legally drive a motorcycle on the street. Always refer to local DMV regulations before operating your motorcycle on public roads.

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