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Video:How to Make Poutine

with Anne Kostalas

Learn how to make the Canadian favorite, poutine. See these step-by-step instructions for making poutine at home.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make Poutine

Hi I'm Anne Kostalas for About.com. I've come to Montreal's famous La Banquise restaurant to find out about the fast food many Canadians go crazy for. Poutine.

Ingredients for Poutine

To make poutines we use potatoes, fresh cheese and gravy sauce.

Potatoes for the Poutine

Out potatoes are red potatoes. 100pc Canadian and they are freshly delivered to our restaurant every day. We put the potatoes in the fryer in 100pc vegetable oil only - oil that is changed every day to make sure they are fresh and t e most healthy they can be. Once they are ready we take them out of the oil. We put them like that. We go like that to make sure the oil drains to make sure they are not greasy but nice and crunchy. once they are ready we put them in here to make our poutine. "You cannot imagine the taste of this poutine. It's amazing."

Cheese for the Poutine

The second most important ingredient after that is of course the cheese. It's very moist but it's definitely important to keep it in the bag until the second before you put it over the fries.

Plating the Poutine Ingredients

We do is we grab our small plate, we portion our fries with the spoon, we put it over the plate. I'm going to make you our best seller which is just a classic poutine. We open out cheese, we grind it in our hand before we put it on top to make sure that it's all over the potatoes. My favourite part about poutine is the cheese. Sometimes I just buy poutine cheese to eat it on its own.

Sauce for Poutine

We have 3 different sauces - the gravy sauce, we also have the pepper sauce and third we have the spaghetti sauce.

It's nice and hot, we put it over the cheese and the potatoes. We make sure that it's nice and even. If people don't have poutine then they are enjoying 90-96pc of life. They're just not getting the full deal - I would say. In about 2 minutes all the cheese will be melted and that's ready to eat.

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