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Video:How to Brew and Serve Turkish Coffee

with Lea Elleseff

If you want a flavorful twist on your morning coffee jolt, then consider trying Turkish coffee. See how to make your own Turkish coffee grounds, and learn how to brew and serve this cozy drink.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Brew and Serve Turkish Coffee

Hi, this is Lea Elleseff for About.com Food, and today I'm going to demonstrate how to brew and serve Turkish coffee.

Turkish Coffee Ingredients and Supplies

To follow along at home you will need the following things:
  • an ibrik or cezve
  • some sugar
  • 1/2 cup water
  • small cup
  • Turkish coffee

Homemade Turkish Coffee Grounds

Now Turkish coffee can be bought at most food stores, but if you can't seem to find any, just make your own by grinding a handful of coffee beans in a pod of cardamom in the coffee grinder to a very fine grain

Heat the Water

Place the ibrik on the stove, add sugar to your liking, fill the pot with water, leaving a half an inch at the top and turn the flame to a low heat.

Prepare the Turkish Coffee

Once the concoction comes to a low boil, remove the ibrik from the stove and lower the flame. Add 2-3 heaping teaspoons of coffee to the pot and slightly stir in. Put the pot back on the stove. Watch carefully as the mixture will start to tremble and foam quickly. You do not want to let the mixture boil over.

Continue Heating the Turkish Coffee

Once you notice the foam rising, remove the ibrik from the heat and let it cool for 15-30 seconds before placing it back on the stove. Repeat this process of removal and replacement 2-4 more times before serving.

Serving Turkish Coffee

To serve, skim the foam off the top and drip it into the cup, now pour the coffee in. Let the brew sit for a minute while the grinds settle to the bottom, and then enjoy your extra dark roast.

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