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Video:Walking Tour of South Beach

with Daniel Sanz

South Beach is a famous section of Miami with a rich history and some beautiful landmarks. Here's a video walking tour of South Beach.See Transcript

Transcript:Walking Tour of South Beach

Hello, I'm Daniel Sanz and I'm going to give you a walking tour of South Beach.

Location of South Beach

Since the 1920's, South Beach has been an integral part of Miami Beach, encompassing the majority of the land barrier separating Biscayne Bay from the Atlantic Ocean. South Beach stretches 17 blocks south and 12 blocks wide and presents a perfect spot for an afternoon stroll or a one to two day vacation. The best place to start the tour would be at Lummus Park. This beautiful park begins at 5th Street and runs alongside the sugar sand beach all the way down to 15th Street, making it the perfect starting point. The park features a long stretch of grass with areas to walk your dog, go for a run or even take a nap. Take advantage of the bike rentals and give yourself an easier and greener way to get around South Beach.

Art Deco Buildings in South Beach

South Beach has such a deep and rich history and the evidence of that is displayed in its art deco architecture that South Beach has become known for. Be sure to visit the Art Deco Center, located near the center of the park at 10th Street. This is the home of the Miami Design Preservation League that works hard to preserve the area's artistic culture. Next stop on the tour is the Versace mansion, located across the street from the Art Deco Center at 1116 Ocean Drive. This is the infamous residence of Gianni Versace, which was also the location of his murder. It was built in Spanish style architecture and has become a draw to tourists, though only a few select few are ever allowed to go inside.

Wolfsonian Museum

From the Versace Mansion, travel two blocks west and one block south and that will bring you to the Wolfsonian Museum on the corner of Washington and 10th Street. The museum is named after Mitchell Wolfson Jr. and exhibits his extensive collection of books, furniture, paintings, and other cultural art. Most of the items date from the late 19th and early 20th century.

South Beach at Night

Continue walking along Washington Avenue until you get to 14th street and you will come across Espanola Way. Turn down this small road and watch the surroundings transform from art deco into heavy Mediterranean influences. Espanola is the perfect location to stop for afternoon lunch at any of the restaurants and cafes, many of them featuring Mexican and Cuban cuisine. While you are at Espanola, be sure to check out the Clay Hotel, which is one of the original landmarks of South Beach being built in 1925. If you are a night owl and are looking for a great place to have dinner or party, then South Beach is hard to beat. Once the sun sets and the day simmers down, this strip explodes into a vibrant night scene with an almost infinite choice of restaurants and night clubs.

By day or by night, South Beach is definitely one of the hottest spots in Miami. Thanks for watching. For more information, please visit us on the web at

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