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Video:What to Know About the Male Orgasm

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Though orgasms in men and women are related to pelvic contractions, this event is primarily a psychological one for men. In this About.com video, learn what a male orgasm is.See Transcript

Transcript:What to Know About the Male Orgasm

This is Dr Ganjam from north Atlanta primary care for About.com. Im going to talk about what is male orgasm.

What is the Male Orgasm?

Though there is no scientific way to measure a male orgasm, some studies have shown that the male orgasm is an intense satisfaction, intense joy during the sexual act. It can happen during the sexual act before ejaculation, at the time of ejaculation but usually but usually it happens just before the ejaculation.

Some studies have shown its due to intense rhythmic contractions of the pelvic muscles which are also common in females also. Also after the male orgasm you feel intense relaxation and a sense of joy from the sexual act and its usually due to hormones being released from the brain. Though orgasms in men and women are related to pelvic contractions we know that its primarily a psychological event for men and women.  

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