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Video:Top Tips for a Man to Improve Your Image

with CJ

Improving how you look and how you feel will greatly enhance your well-being. Follow the simple tips for improving your image as a man in this how-to video from Transcript

Transcript:Top Tips for a Man to Improve Your Image

Hello, I'm C-J, for Now a days, Men are spending more time on the way they look. How they present themselves at work, in their social and home lives has become so much more important. Here are 8 top ways to look good and feel more confident.

How to Improve Your Image

Take care of your skin. Good skin care is easy. Soap or lotion and moisturising are the two main ways you can improve the look of your skin. Pick a moisturiser with sun protection because sun damage is the main factor that ages skin. Vitamin E thelps to revitalize your skin. Skin products that include retinol help minimize fine lines and help prevent wrinkles to a degree.

Treat Acne. There are now lots of creams, soaps, cleansers, and medications to treat spots and acne treatments for men. Try a medicated soap, a cream to apply to the spots and a concealer. Change products if they are not working. 
Don't put up with bad acne. Go to your family doctor if that does not work. He or she will probably treat you or refer you to a specialist in dermatologist. Antibiotics and specialised creams will help to get rid of them. Your confidence will improve 100%.

Take care of Body odor. A bit of body smell can be a turn on, huge amounts of acrid stench are a definite no-no. Wash and shower as often as necessary. Anti perspirants and deodorants help regulate odor and sweat.

More Ways Men Can Improve Their Image

Get a good hair cut and style. Don't' be afraid to spend 20 - 50 dollars. For a cut. Often the more expensive salons tend to keep up to date with fashion trends and products and can offer hair care that makes the most of what you have. Use a shampoo that is appropriate for your hair type and makes your hair look good. If you want to change your hair color the best way is to get it done professionally. Badly done color changes can say many negative things about you as a person, unless of course bizarre is good for your 'alternative' image.

Style your Hair. Hair styles often need products for the best results. Waxes, gels, sprays, mousses and volumizers can help keep hair styles to stay looking good. Balding hair looks best short, very short. No combing long hair over the top of a balding head.

Get on a balanced diet. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits every day. It keeps you healthy and improves skin and hair. Try limiting your fast food intake. Or order healthy foods. Dietary food supplements and vitamins can help when a normal healthy diet is not possible or if you become deficient in some way.

Get enough exercise. Use everyday opportunities to avoid a sedentary life. Walk rather than take the elevator. Avoid using your car for very short journeys. Joining a gym or sports club will encourage you to exercise. It can be very good for the social life too, a good way to meet new people.

And general appearance. Keep clothing clean, smart and trendy. 
Oral hygeine: Keep teeth clean, visit the dentist, use a mouth wash.
 Nails: keep them trimmed, clean and don't bite them.
change your socks and underwear daily.

Try one tip at a time and people will notice the difference.

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