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Video:How Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Work?

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Penis enlargement surgery consists of two procedures, primarily lengthening and thickening. This health video from gives an overview of the surgical penis enlargement procedure.See Transcript

Transcript:How Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Work?

Hello, I'm Doctor Mark Solomon here to talk to you about penis enlargement surgery for 

What are Penis Enlargement Surgeries?

Penis enlargement surgery consists of two procedures primarily lengthening or thickening the penis. These procedures can be performed separately or simultaneously. The lengthening procedure consists of cutting a ligament that suspends the penis to the pubic bone and will add about an inch to the length of the penis typically, when you're flaccid, and, occasionally, when you're erect.

This drawing show the penis being suspended by the ligament from pubic bone. This ligament is divided to make the penis longer. When that happens, all the penis that is underneath the ligament, becomes visible.

Girth Procedure for Penis Enlargement

The girth procedure uses graft material that is wrapped around the shaft of the penis to make the penis thicker both when it is hard and when it is soft. These procedures are performed under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis. The thickening procedure, especially, creates a lot of swelling that can last for many months and will interfere with sensation for sometime after surgery. However, things return to normal once the swelling subsides.

Other Cosmetic Surgeries

Some patients require other procedures as well, including pubic liposuction, pubic lift, or scrotal surgery to help reveal a buried penis. These procedures are not a substitute or correction for organic problems; if you are impotent or have difficulties getting an erection, these procedures are not helpful to you.

These are cosmetic medical procedures, as such costs are borne by the patient. Costs range from about six thousand dollars to fifteen thousand dollars depending on the combination of procedures required.

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