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Video:Tips for Creating Mutton Chops

with Omar Saad

Mutton chops are a classic facial hair look that makes a bold statement. Learn how to grow and sculpt your own mutton chops.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Creating Mutton Chops

Hi, I'm Omar Saad, here for, and today we're going to take a look at how to grow mutton chops.

What Are Mutton Chops?

A style that goes back for centuries, mutton chops are long sideburns that get significantly wider at the ends. Like any other facial hair style, there is some variation in how they can be worn, but the basic premise is consistent.

Let's take a closer look at how to grow mutton chops. The mutton chop is, for all intents and purposes, a beard minus the mustache and goatee. While there are some variations that feature a mustache, the most commonly worn styles don't.

How to Create Mutton Chops

To create the mutton chop look, you will need: a sharp razor, some shaving cream, and a beard trimmer. A trimmer specifically designed for sideburns is a nice bonus.

The easiest way to create the mutton chop look is by first growing out a beard. Beards grow at different rates for different people, but often, at around seven to 10 days, most men will have enough hair to clearly sculpt a starter pair of muttonchops.

Begin by determining exactly how you want your chops to look. Muttonchops can extend all the way down the chin line, sort of like the letter "J" or can be trimmed around an inch or two back from that same region. Furthermore, they can feature an exceptionally wide lower end, utilizing the full width of the beard, or a leaner bottom portion that eliminates anywhere from a third to half of the original beard width.

Once you've determined how your mutton chops should look, begin shaving. Using a sharp razor, shave the mustache and chin regions of your beard, along with the neck region, all the way up to the jaw line. It's a good idea to leave yourself a slight buffer between the point you stop shaving, and where you'd like your mutton chops to ultimately extend to.

Sculpt and Trim Your Mutton Chops

Rinse off your face and take a look at your work, deciding what fine trimming needs to be done. You can do this with your razor or a sideburn trimmer if you have one. Sculpt the muttonchops to a desired length and shape, and clean up the edges. Be sure to closely examine each mutton chop against the other to ensure that they are the same length and thickness.

Finally, if you want a pair of neatly trimmed mutton chops, go over them with your beard trimmer featuring an appropriate length attachment. If you have longer hair or a thinner face, bushier mutton chops may go better with your look.

Mutton chops are probably the most dramatic style statement one can with sideburns. If you choose to wear them, you'll just need to invest the time it takes to properly grown them in and experiment a bit with some variations to determine what will work best with your look.

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