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Video:How to Shave a Head

with Albert Babaev

Shaving a head is a relatively simple process that requires some basic skills to do well. See how to shave a head, whether it's your own or a friend's, to get the closest shave without nicks or scratches!See Transcript

Transcript:How to Shave a Head

Hello, I’m Albert Babaev from Dr. Mike and Son Barber Shop, located in downtown Manhattan. Today, I’m going to show you how to properly shave your head using the clipper.

Getting Started

So, you want to make sure that the clipper is at the smallest setting. Right, and I’m going to pull the skin and I’m just going to put the clipper flat on his scalp and just follow the natural shape of his scalp. And you want to go over the same area a couple of times. Just to make sure it’s all even. There aren’t any strands or hairs that you missed.

Protect the Ears

You want to pull your ear out of the way. You always want to make sure that one hand is holding your ear. This way you won’t clip your ear. Pull the ear forward. Push it forward. Get it out of the way.

Follow the Direction of the Hair

And you want to follow the way your hair grows. So, if your hair grows downward you go from down to up. If your hair grows upward, like it does here, the cowlick area. Turn the clipper around. Pull the skin. And you want to press firmly and go against the grain. You always want to go against the grain. You want to give it a shot Ben? “I do.”

Shaving Your Own Head

Alright. Always keep it on the lowest setting. Fire it up. Use your other hand to pull your skin or move your ear out of the way. There you go. Perfect. That’s it. Exactly right. Go all the way around. Now before moving on to the other areas, make sure you get that area nice and clean. “So, pass over that another couple of times.” Yeah. And start from the beginning from the start to the end, also. Don’t start from the middle. There we go. Now, you don’t want to go too fast because it’ll just skip the hairs.

Follow the Shape of Your Head

So, now Ben. The most important thing when you’re giving yourself a buzz shave, with the clipper, you want to make sure that you go with the shape of your head. You want to start from the bottom and work your way towards the top. Don’t lift off. Just follow the roundness of your head. And never point, because you’re going to hurt yourself and scratch your scalp. You want to lie it just flat on your scalp and just ride it along. Pull your ear back, pull your ear, stretch your skin. And follow the shape of your head. Go over the same spot a few times to make sure you’ve got every single angle. And that’s it.

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