Men's Hairstyles That Work With a Square Face Video
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Video:Men's Hairstyles That Work With a Square Face

with John Alanouf

Men's hairstyles should compliment their face shape. Check out these men's hairstyles that work with a square face.See Transcript

Transcript:Men's Hairstyles That Work With a Square Face

Hi I’m John Alanouf, Master Hairstylist at Matador Alcove in Costa Mesa, California, here for to help you find an ideal hairstyle for a square face.

Balace the Face Shape with the Hairstyle

A square face is generally characterized by an even width between the top of the head and the jaw line. Nick Lachey is our example and he has got a pretty classic square face, strong jaw line, strong brow area. The idea of a hairstyle with a square face shape is just keep things neat and simple. We don’t want to get too high or too wide and kind of blow things out of proportion because the square shape face already has a lot of proportion and symmetry to it.

Cropped Hair Cuts Work on Square Faces

Simple, short, cropped hairstyles look really good, or if you want to go with something a little more spiky, or fauxhawk or whatever you want to call it, that’s a little more narrower which works well too. Don’t make it too long where it starts to exaggerate the length of your face. Keep things muted when it comes to the proportions of the length through the top and the middle of your hairstyle. The same thing goes for the very side edges of the hairstyle, we don’t want to blow out and make the top of the head look too bulbous. Keeping the parietal ridge high on the side, just a little more tapered in as opposed to really squared off.

To recap, keep things simple, let your face shape do the work. The natural symmetry of your face shape will come through. Close cropped, and simple cropped, and textured hairstyles work well. If you’re going to wear the hair up, into a spiky fashion, just keep the length a little bit muted, as not to elongate your face too much.Thank you for watching. To learn more about men’s grooming, visit

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