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Video:How to Wear a Short Curly Hairstyle

with Ashley Flanagan

There are a few tricks to style men's short curly hair. Watch the video and learn the procedure to style short curly men's hair.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Wear a Short Curly Hairstyle

Hello! My name is Ashley Flanagan. I am a Professional Stylist at Norris Salon & Day Spa in Houston, Texas. Today we are going to be talking about short curly men's hairstyling.

Use A Hydrating Shampoo for Short Curly Hair

The first step that you want to take in men's styling is you want to use a nice hydrating shampoo. And the hydrating shampoo is going to create more of a shiny look in the hair to separate the curl. And you want to use the hydrating conditioner to soften up the hair. Especially if you have a little bit gray hair, what it does is it softens it up to create some texture in the hair.

Add Texturizer While the Curly Hair is Wet

So Bill, with your hair, after your shampoo and condition your hair, when your hair is still wet, you want to use a fiber in your hair, that is not only a wax, but it's a softer gel. Wax is harder; gel is a little bit softer, so it's in between. What I am going to do is when it's wet I am going to comb it through with the comb to make sure your hair is evenly dispersed with the water, and then I am going to take about a pea size amount of the texturizer, which is the fiber. Rub it in my hands like lotion and spread it out evenly, combing the hair back with your fingertips. Make sure you get those sideburns too because they get really curly if you don't have any product in there.

Allow Curly Hair to Dry before Softly Combing

And about ten minutes later after you comb it and put it through your hair. After the ten minutes is up, it's going to be air dried, nice and soft now, but with that texturizer in there it's going to be more tame. I would take a soft bristle brush and I would just softly comb through your hair to give it that soft look, where it doesn't look like it's wet, nor too dry.

Bill, another option is, if you don't let it air dry for ten minutes, if you take a blow dryer and softly dry it so it puts more action into it. Just gently hold your hand above the top of your hair, not putting too much pressure on, and blow dry the surface of your hair. The natural oils on your hair will be taming the gray and the curl, creating that soft look. After completing the blow dry I would take a soft bristle brush and comb through the hair softly, getting that matte wet look out of there and creating a soft look. And there you have it, for short curly men's hair.

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