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Video:How to Shave a Beard Into a Goatee

with Omar Saad

Thinking about shaving your beard into a goatee. Here's a step-by-step guide to show you how to properly trim your beard into a stylish goatee.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Shave a Beard Into a Goatee

Hi I'm Omar Saad here for About.com and today we're going to take a look at how to shave a beard into a goatee. If you're tired of your beard and are looking for a different style, a goatee might be just the ticket. Popular for generations across a number of social and age groups, goatees can vary in size and style. Here's a quick look at how to shave a beard into a goatee.

Tools To Shave a Beard Into a Goatee

  • Shaving cream
  • A razor
  • A beard trimmer

What Goatee Style is Right for You

Before shaving a goatee you'll need to decide exactly how you want it to look. Goatees vary in size and can be trimmed in a handful of different ways. The great thing about goatees is that they can really work with any face shape. They especially compliment both round and square faces and can add the illusion of length to the face, particularly when keeping the chin hair just a bit longer than the rest of the goatee.

Pick the Right Tools for Your Goatee

Once you've got a good idea of how you want your goatee to look, its time to decide what tools you'll need for the job. If you have a short stubbly beard, the 5 o'clock shadow look, then you can use a basic razor to trim and sculpt your goatee. However, if you've got a longer beard, you'll need a beard trimmer or clippers to shorten the beard to a length that a razor can easily handle. If you end up having to use a beard trimmer be sure determine the desired size of your goatee and shave your beard up to that border. If you're not sure what size goatee will look best on you, start wide and trim in until you like what you see. It's important to note that a goatee should not go past your smile lines. It's always best to use a new or sharp razor when sculpting your goatee. It will help you sculpt accurately and will save you from excessive razor burn.

How To Shave Your Goatee

Start by applying shaving cream to your entire beard with the exception of the mustache region or portion that will become the goatee. Begin shaving the sides of your face going all the way to about a quarter inch from where you'd like the goatee to begin. Proceed to your neck and lower jaw, doing the same thing. At this point you should have what's called a Van Dyke, or what is today commonly referred to as a goatee. But a traditional goatee lacks a mustache.

Proceed shaving the mustache off until you reach your smile lines. Symmetry is key when shaving a goatee so it's important to pay close attention when sculpting the edges. Carefully shave along one side of your beard. Once complete, double check the width and shave the other side accordingly. Once both sides are done, check closely to ensure that your goatee is even. Move on to the underside of your goatee and trim up the edge until you have a smooth and uniform shape.

How To Maintain Your Goatee

Goatee's definitely require some maintenance in order to keep looking good. You'll want to make sure that you always have the other areas of your face clean-shaven so as to allow your goatee to better stand out. If you like a tight goatee, it's a good idea to trim it with a beard trimmer about once a week. If you like a little longer version you just need to be sure to do some maintenance every few days to make sure that it keeps from becoming unruly. It's always fun to try out a different looks and if you are a fan of facial hair a goatee is tried and true. You'll need to keep an open mind and be willing to experiment a little to determine the exact size and cut that works best for your look.

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