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Video:How to Groom Men's Eyebrows

with Selyna Parker

Want to learn how to best groom men's eyebrows so that they look well-kept and even? This video will show you how to do it on your own.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Groom Men's Eyebrows

Hello! My name is Selyna Parker; I'm an Aesthetician and Eyebrow Artist here at Norris of Houston Salon & Day Spa. And I'm here to talk to you about how to groom men's eyebrows.

Tools for Grooming Men's Eyebrows

The tools that you're going to need are an:

  • eyebrow brush
  • a small brow scissor
  • and a slanted stainless steel tweezer. You can find them at beauty supply places.

Instructions for Grooming Men's Eyebrows

So the first thing to consider when deciding what shape to give your eyebrow, is where you're going to start and end the brow. You want to take the corner of your eye where your tear duct is located and go straight up, at the edge of your nose. And then where you're going to end your brow, again, you're going to take that same corner of the nose and you're going to go out counterclockwise to the end, and kind of angle it out to the corner of the eye.

Additional Instructions for Grooming Men's Eyebrows

Before you start the tweezing of the eyebrow you want to trim. So you want to take an eyebrow brush like so, and you want to brush the eyebrows straight up, and then you want to take a pair of -- you know small little eyebrow scissors, and come in and just trim anything that's kind of hanging over the top of the brow, and then you want to take and come down. And anything that's kind of hanging out of the bottom of the eyebrow, you know kind of out of that line like these hairs here, you want to trim those.

Brush the eyebrow back in line, and now you're ready for your tweezing. Basically, from this line you're going to want to tweeze everything that's in here and then from this line you're going to want to tweeze everything that's down here. You think about your top and you just want to give yourself a nice, clean line, underneath the eyebrow. You're going to come and you're going to tweeze just a nice, fine, straight line under the eyebrow.

Now that we've determined where to tweeze we're going to begin tweezing. So you want to take your pointer finger and your thumb, and you want to stretch the skin and come in and grab the hair in that area. And we have a nice, clean, center space for the eyebrow, and you want to come in and you want to tweeze the excess hair underneath.

So you want to make sure that you pull in the direction of the hair growth to make sure that you don't break the hair off and that you pull the hair completely out of the follicle. And now we have a nice straight, cleaned line underneath the eyebrow.

Now we're going to move to the top of the eyebrow, and again, I'm going to use both hands to brace the skin to pull it tight. You know you want to create a clean line and now you have a nice clean shaped brow that is not over tweezed or plucked.

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