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Video:How to Cut and Style Men's Gray Hair

with Kelly Britton

Want to learn how to cut and style men's gray hair? Here, see tips and tricks for making his hair look great.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Cut and Style Men's Gray Hair

Hi I am Kelly Britton professional stylist at and I am going to show How to wear grey hair over 50.

Supplies for Cutting and Styling Men's Gray Hair

Item you will need are:
  • Shears
  • Thinning shears
  • Bottle of water
  • and a comb

Instructions for Cutting and Styling Men's Gray Hair

First thing is wet down all the hair. To get your style in, first do the hair cut, then go back through to refine it once it is dry since, grey hair is the hardest hair to cut not only because it is wire like and un pigmented but you can also see every mark you make. The key to making a good hair styling with grey hair is a lot of point cutting, thinning and edging. Wearing grey hair can be a very dynamic statement in itself. If you have grey hair turned into white hair it can create a look of width dimension. Some people have all gray hair which is all non pigmented hair due to loss of all the melanin.

Additional Instructions for Cutting and Styling Men's Gray Hair

To dye this hair is very troublesome because it is hard for the color to adhere due to loss of all the melanin in the hair shaft.You want to camouflage every mark you make when cutting grey hair, if the hair is white you can really see every mark you make, so take your scissors and point cut to help mask that blunt edge that grey hair leaves behind.Point cutting is where you angle the scissors downward, and create notches in the hair. If the hair is dark, I would cut the hair at a different angle that could possible cause a hard blunt edge when dry and looks very unattractive on gray hair.

So for grey, point cutting is the best choice. You can also use thinning shears, which only cuts 50% of the hair and use them on the very end of the hair to create a great blended look for grey hair.Grey hair is loss of melanin and elasticity resulting in coarse and wire like hair that is unmanageable, so if the cut is done right then the styling is easy. One of the best looks for grey hair is a spike look. You can use styling products on the hair to achieve a spiked or edgy look or because grey is so wire like, you may not need much product. You can use the natural texture of grey hair and your fingers to achieve the edgy spiked style look. This is how to wear grey hair over 50.

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