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Video:A Guide to Facial Hair Styles for Men

with Jonathon E. Stewart

Distinguished or hip, fun or functional, find a facial hair style that suits your personality best.See Transcript

Transcript:A Guide to Facial Hair Styles for Men

Hey guys - Jonathon Stewart here for About.com. If you're a dude, there's a good chance that at some point in your life you've done some experimenting with your facial hair. Maybe you've tried an Abe Lincoln or Mutton Chops, but have you ever tried growing a Bum-Fluff or a Marooned Hulihee? Take a look at the following facial hair styles and have at it. Check it out:

Should You Experiment with Facial Hair?

Facial hair can help to enhance certain features of your face, hide or reduce others, or simply allow you to express yourself through your facial hair design. While a well-groomed beard is generally universally acceptable, you might want to check with your employer before growing anything too avant-garde. You might also want to check with your wife or girlfriend - in my house, for example, there's a moratorium on any variety of free-standing moustache. For now...

Full Beards, Circle Beards, and The Hipster

A full beard can make you look more distinguished, or as some might say, older. A Circle Beard is a full beard minus the side burns, also known as a Door Knocker, and commonly misnamed a Goatee. Circle beards are a good way to say, "Hey - I've got a beard, but I'm still young and fancy free." They're also easier for most guys to grow, too. Just remember that when you start whittling down from the full beard, it's important to keep the rest of your face shaved. When growing a beard of any style, do or do not, there is no try. A Hipster is like a Circle Beard, but without connecting your chin and moustache. This beard is also noted for its popularity with hipsters. A true Goatee just lives on your chin, and is also known simply as a Chin Beard.

The Viking, The Neck Beard, and Neck Dreads

Some other great beards I'll mention are the Viking, which is unkempt and crazy, known Down Under as a Bushranger - and, if you happen to catch it on fire working in your sculpture studio, it becomes a Billingsley. One of my favorites, also typically shunned by wives the world round, is the Neck Beard or Bloatee, which covers only your neck and perhaps your double chin - grow this one long enough, and you just might manage some Neck Dreads. Finally, leave just a little square of hair under your lip, and you've got yourself a soul patch.

The Oldham, Marooned Hulihee, and the Ambrose Burnside

And, just so I don't leave you hanging, a bum-fluff is simply a sparse moustache also known as an Oldham, which originates in the UK; and a Marooned Hulihee is not too different from an Ambrose Burnside, or a beard that consists only of chops and a stache, and a clean shaved chin. Someday.

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