Tips for Pulling Long Hair Back Stylishly for Men Video
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Video:Tips for Pulling Long Hair Back Stylishly for Men

with Adam Watstein

There are ways for men to wear long hair that can look really flattering and attractive. This video will show you to pull back your long hair.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Pulling Long Hair Back Stylishly for Men

Hi, I'm Claudia Acton here at Robert Stuart in New York City, and I'm here for to give you some tips on how to put long hair back stylishly. 

Styling Long Hair

This is one of the hair bands that is commonly used, everyday wear. This is one of those bands that will sort of slide during the daytime. It will make the hair sort of come out, have some movement. It won't be so tight. Just make sure you have it right underneath the occipital, and that's the bone that protrudes in the back of the head.

You can also use this same look with half a ponytail, and just bring that hair from the front back. This is good for somebody whose hair is not as long. Put it in the back, pull it down, and you can even put some texture on the hair so it looks more messy. 

Other Ways to Pull Back Long Hair

So this is a different type of band that we use. I prefer to use these on guys because it sort of disappears in their hair, and then during the daytime it doesn't really move, it's nice and tight and it's more plastic-based, to make it more of a ponytail. It's going to be dressed up more, you want more texture, so we're just going to add a little bit of wax on that.

Again, using this type of rubber bands, just because these will stay in place and not move around. Again, behind the occipital bone. And these are going to be really nice and tight. For a tight ponytail, make sure you use some for of pomade or some heavy wax, something that will give you some grip. You could use a comb if you want it really nice and tight.

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