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Video:Tips for Maintaining Dreadlocks for Men

with Brian Cheeks

Dreadlocks are a fun and great looking hairstyle, but they can be a lot of work to maintain. This video from will offer some tips for men to maintain their dreadlocks.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Maintaining Dreadlocks for Men

Hi, my name is Brian Cheeks, actor and dreadlocks enthusiast, and I'm here for to speak with you about tips for maintaining dreadlocks for men. 

First, I want to say having dreadlocks is an exciting hairstyle, but the key is keeping them maintained for a healthy look.

Dreadlock Maintenance: Never Scratch

The first tip that I want to give to you is never scratch at the root. When you have dreadlocks, there are going to be times when you may have an itching sensation. I would suggest patting the area to relieve that itch - and also, you can apply a small amount of oil to your scalp. That will soothe the area that is being itched.

Dreadlock Maintenance: Cover While Sleeping

Another important tip is to make sure that you cover your hair while you're sleeping with a do-rag. The do-rag will keep your hair from becoming frayed because as we know, when you sleep, you move around in the sheets and that friction can cause the hair to became frayed and stand up.

Dreadlock Maintenance: Shampoo

My next tip is routine maintenance. Routine maintenance consists of shampooing your hair and your scalp, which will then return your hair to its normal state. Your roots will then be out, and then your hair is relocked. This is crucial in maintaining healthy hair. 

Dreadlock Maintenance: Oil Your Scalp

My next tip will be to always make sure that you oil your scalp at least every other day. This is essential because it prevents dandruff and it helps the hair grow nice and healthy. And my next tip is never twist your lock to the left. This is essential and key because your hair has a natural curly texture to it and it naturally curls to the right. Twisting to the left will disrupt that process altogether, not to mention, your routine maintenance is completed by twisting the hair to the right so you don't want to disrupt that. 

Dreadlock Maintenance: Avoid Water

And my last tip is to avoid water, especially in between shampooing. When in the shower, use a shower cap to protect your locks and the roots from humidity. This is important because humidity causes the shaft and the root to become frayed and loose and you don't want to disrupt the routine maintenance that's already been performed on your hair.

Having dreadlocks is an exciting hairstyle. You can do so much with them. You could wear them in corn rows, you can pull them back, you can style them any way that you please. But the key is keeping up with routine maintenance, the key is protecting them, the key is making sure to keep the hair neat. For more information on maintaining dreadlocks for men, please visit

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