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Video:Tips for Layering Clothing for Men

with Milo De Prieto

Layering clothing for men can be a great way to create stylish outfits without having to buy new pieces. Here are some tips for layering clothing for men.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Layering Clothing for Men

Hello I'm Milo for and today we're talking about some tips for layering clothes for men.

Why You Should Layer Clothing for Men

To take your wardrobe to the next level the main point you need to focus on is simply layering. Brand names and the latest trends are nice, but to really make today's style your own, try to think about putting things on top of each other. For cold weather this is fairly essential, but with lightweight, breathable fabrics, you can be doing this almost year round.

Consider Silhouette When Layering Clothing for Men

There are two processes that you think about when layering, your silhouette, and what you want to say with it. The first process is obviously your body as you age and live, the second process is your personal self expression. Your look is like a conversation you're having with the world around you that you might not always be aware of.

Matching Is One Way to Layer Clothing for Men

Layering is simple. There are two general and opposite directions you can go, and while this sounds strange you can't do them right without doing them together. The first is matching. Harmony in color, texture, style -- as in fashion and culture, are where most people start. A basic working understanding of this lets you play with it and make it your own. Layering a shirt with a tie and sweater is a simple way to go. The matte smooth fabric of the shirt creates a nice background for a classic tie. Matching slacks or jeans finish off the look.

Monochrome Is Another Way to Layer Clothing for Men

Another way to go in this direction is monochromatic. If done well, it looks stunning and sharp. Against matching consider contrast. Adding contrast is where you'll really make a style your own. Considering color and texture, you can add energy to this look by choosing a tie that clashes just enough. Don't just mix colors, consider contrasting patterns. You quickly see how understanding harmony helps you play with contrast. Keep experimenting.

Contrast Styles When Layering Clothing for Men

To contrast style and culture, consider paring things that don't normally go together or in slightly unusual ways. The key here is to have fun with your self-expression, it's a conversation you're having anyway. Also, with a few basic pieces you can find that mixing and matching amplifies your wardrobe without spending anymore money.For these ideas I worked with a shirt, tie, sweater combo. But think outside this box. Consider T-shirts on T-shirts, T-shirts under shirts, blazers, cardigans, and accessories like scarves.

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