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Video:Men's Business Wardrobe

with Kim Johnson Gross

Whether you're a division head or an entry-level assistant, Style expert Kim Johnson Gross helps you navigate the confusing world of dressing for work.See Transcript

Transcript:Men's Business Wardrobe

Hi, I'm Kim Johnson Gross and I'm here to show you how to dress smart in today's competitive workplace.

Whether you're a seasoned Executive, just starting out in a job, whether you're in sales or in management, consider your clothes business tools that can impact your performance and your career.

Always dress for the job you want. Look around. Look at your work environment. What is the culture? What is your role in that culture? And what is your day like?

Next invest in one great suit that's well fitted and classic. Get a shirt and tie, quality shoes, a briefcase and watch. Upgrade as your budget allows and your job requires.

Dress codes can be very subtle in the workplace, so pay attention.

Men's Corporate Business Wardrobe

In a corporate environment it is usually more conservative. Suit, shirt and tie are required.

Men's Business Appropriate Wardrobe

Business Appropriate is a combination between conservative and casual. Which means a sport coat may be appropriate with a shirt and a tie and a pair of slacks

Men's Business Casual Wardrobe

Business Casual does not mean weekend clothes. Quality is still important, fir is still important, and attention to details of shoes and grooming are still very important.

Build a Men's Business Wardrobe

It's as important to strategize your business wardrobe as it is to strategize a business presentation.

Start with your closet, get in there put all of your professional clothes together. Try them on, make sure they fit perfectly and they're well suited for your job.

Your biggest mistake would be not to take your professional wardrobe seriously. Consider yourself the brand and your clothes the packaging.

This is Kim Johnson Gross About Style.
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