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Video:Job Interview Attire for Men

with Jonathon E. Stewart

Not sure if your Star Wars tie is appropriate for your big job interview? Learn the rules to looking your best so you can feel your best and land that job.See Transcript

Transcript:Job Interview Attire for Men

Hey guys - Jonathon Stewart here for About.com. Looking high and low for the right job for you? Well, have you stopped to think about just how good you're looking when you walk in the door? With your personal appearance being one of the top considerations of prospective employers (whether they admit it or not), you definitely should be. But take a look at these tips, and you'll be so money you won't even know it. Check it out.

Dress for the Company

Step One. Research: Know Your Company. If you're applying for a white collar job in banking or law, you're going to want to wear a suit. If your prospective company is business casual, you might consider a pair of pressed slacks and a great-fitting button down or sweater. Although some experts will advise that even if you're applying for a job to serve popcorn, you should wear a coat and tie to show that you're serious, and a cut above the rest. My thoughts? Wear something just a little nicer than the competition that makes you feel good, and not uncomfortable or stiff - this is all about making sure the best YOU shines through in your interview.

Keep Your Interview Attire Neat

Step Two. Neat, neat, neat. No matter which direction you go, make sure that your suit is straight from the cleaners, your shirt is pressed and completely lint-free, and that your shoes are polished. Make sure everything fits properly, and that you are otherwise very neatly groomed.

Some surveys show that it's not as much a matter of how conservative or liberal your personal sense of style is in an interview, but rather how well you're groomed. A neatly kept mohawk, then, paired with a tailored suit and shoes that look like mirrors, might edge you out over your messy comb-over and Topsiders from 1987.

Basic Job Interview Attire

Step Three. What to wear. If you're wearing a suit, choose dark grey, blue, or black as a rule, and a light colored shirt underneath. Choose a tie that's attractive, and even a bit bold, but steer clear of distracting. Make sure your belt and shoes match, and that your socks are darker than your pants. Solid colors are best here - again, the key is to remember that you want your personality and confidence to be in the spotlight here, not your clothes.

Also be sure to limit your jewelry, cologne, and other accessories. Don't wear anything other than your wedding band and a watch, cufflinks if they're conservative, and be sure that no one can smell you coming.

Over-Accessorizing at a Job Interview

Some companies these days have a ban on perfume and cologne in the office, so don't be that guy right off the bat. And if you've got one, be sure to wear that watch - employers want to know that you've got an eye on the time, especially if you're a lawyer. The bottom line is this, passed along by an old friend's father: you look good, you feel good, you feel good, you do good. So go do good.

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